Making cryptocurrency easier and more accessible to the everyday user is a critical step towards accelerating the growth and longevity of the overall cryptocurrency market. MCO which is now known as Crypto, formerly Monaco is on the verge of putting crypto in every wallet.

What is MCO?

MCO is allows users to buy, exchange, send and track their crypto. While even more importantly will allow users to spend their crypto using the MCO Visa card which will be distributed shortly.

MCO completed their ICO on 18th, June 2017 raising an incredible $54,000,000. Their ICO offered a fixed amount of MCO tokens per Ethereum, this caused the actual ICO price per token to fluctuate between around $0.70 and $3.60. The reason for this was because the price of Ethereum (ETH) rose from around $86 – $394 in the month they conducted their ICO.

The biggest feature which MCO promised during their ICO was they they will deliver a Visa card which will be linked directly to their app, allowing users to spend their crypto or withdraw it as cash with minimal fees. MCO acquired the Visa programme manager approval in October 2017 which caused a lot of excitement, now they are are in the final stages of their mission putting “crypto in every wallet”

MCO rebrand

MCO formerly known as Monaco rebranded on July the 5th. Previously Monaco site was with their token symbol MCO. On July 5th MCO announced that Monaco would now be after purchasing the sought after domain for an undisclosed figure.

The domain was registered by Matt Blaze in 1993, Blaze a professor of computer and information science at the University of Pennsylvania who sits on the board of directors of the Tor Project. Over the years the domain has attracted plenty of attention for obvious reasons, however, Blaze has refused to accept any offers, until now.

Kris Marszalek stated that the purchase was not about money but rather about finding the right home for the domain. Given their mission of putting crypto in every wallet, the domain seems quite fitting for them. will now be the name of the parent company which was originally launched as Monaco, and MCO will be the the name of the services provided by The MCO services include; their wallet and app, token and Visa cards.

This is a very exciting project and users can now lock up MCO tokens to secure their Visa cards.

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