Australian Newspaper Stands Embrace Cryptocurrency

Remember when everyone saw newspapers as a dying industry? An industry stuck in its old ways, looking for a revival and a path to survival, beleaguered by the advent of the internet, a place where consumers are primed to reading content for free where the costs are indirect (paying for it through randomly placed pesky ads). Newspapers, even after they’ve shifted online, are looking at ways to optimize for profitability and growth, they are still searching for answers; answers may be presenting themselves in the form of crypto indirect and not so direct means.

Newspaper stands embrace crypto in Australia

According to reports by 9Finance, cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the land of Kangaroos and duck-billed platypus will be able to purchase a variety of their precious digital currencies across more 1,000 newsstands in the standalone continent nation.

This additional way of purchasing digital assets is brought to interested consumers through a partnership between two organizations (Blueshyft and Bitcoin Australia). It is a definitely a great match, as Blueshyft has been in the business of allowing entities to accept cash payments for their digital services. The company notes on its website that it has a “network of 1,200+ retail locations around Australia all equipped with an iOS-based platform that allows customers to use cash to pay for digital goods and services.”

While Bitcoin Australia has been hard at work seeking to establish themselves as the fastest and most trusted exchange in Australia.

The two partners are working together on this initiative to bring another fast and convenient way to purchase cryptocurrencies at an already long time established form of distribution, newspaper stands. More than one thousand newsstands across the country will serve as distributors or access points for the purchase and resale of crypto, specifically, the top two by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How the purchasing system will work

Purchasing is a simple as ordering a coffee; interested parties can obtain a digital wallet, key in their preferred email address as well as their phone number to complete their registration process. The next steps are straightforward as well; the potential customer will be able to simply point their device at the visible QR code, make their desired buy and then proceed to finalize their transaction paying about a four to five percent fee for the privilege. Individuals are supposed to rest assured that their purchases will be seen in their respective wallets in the timespan of twenty minutes.

Simple and further access for purchases

The initiative should help to provide more visibility to the Australian masses allowing to potentially drive more interest in the industry. If crypto is presented at every other turn and in simple and accessible forms, it only progresses further in being a further part of daily living.

This is may be the first sort of roll out in simplicity for access to both Bitcoin and Ether as sites like Wall of Coins and others have worked to provide individuals with offline means of purchasing Bitcoins by either going to a local bank or money transfer services like Western Union and Moneygram.

Further Innovations in the Content Providing Space

Other sorts of players in the crypto industry that are catering to newspaper and content providers are entities like the Brave Browser and its BAT token which seeks to provide a system in regards to monetization.

Another player in the market that goes by the name of Oyster Pearl is also seeking to make headway and fix the problem of advertising.

Both are different crypto industry methods of contributing and potentially bringing newspapers and other content providers another source of revenue.

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