Fantasy sport is a medium of gaming which needs no introduction. The concept of fantasy sports has been a popular form of gaming and seems to be continuously rising with the advent of sports shifting or rather, growing quickly in the online gaming world. 

If you do not play fantasy sports yourself, there are chances that at least one person you know or have heard of loves them. All you need to do is to ask them about their team lineup and you would find that you have unleashed a fantasy sport fan session. An endless session that goes into the different aspects of the players in the lineup, the reason why they will do well this week and much more. Well, NoLimitCoin thinks that it can add to this every growing space.

Building upon this idea, NoLimitCoin was born as a cryptocurrency which aims to focus on “powering fantasy sports”

With this motto, the cryptocurrency and its platform have been working since quite a while to bring fantasy sports to the world of blockchain, and their latest venture in this regard is Fantasy Crypto

NoLimitcoin presents fantasy crypto, build your own crypto premier league

The concept behind Fantasy Crypto is simple: instead of building… let’s say, an NFL Team, you go ahead and pick a team of individuals to back your coin of choice, and then put the wheels in motion to get a spot on the coveted list of top 5 investors.

The objective of Fantasy Crypto, besides providing interested users with a fun game, is to educate people about the cryptocurrency industry.

Just like how popular games such as SimCity let even the youngest of users learn about the basics of city management and how it works, Fantasy Crypto aims to teach new traders about the basics of cryptocurrency trading, and let them utilize the knowledge gained through this fun game into their everyday cryptocurrency decisions.

For this purpose, the platform will have pertinent information about the coins that it includes in the game as well as the individuals and teams, so people could learn more about these aspects without having to delve through a bundle of posts or separate websites.

With these functionalities, NoLimitCoin Fantasy Crypto Game hope to bring a never seen before game along with an educating purpose to the end user.

Users that are interested in playing the NoLimitCoin Fantasy Crypto Game may start by registering on its official website here.

Crypto applications like NoLimitCoin Fantasy Crypto Game on the rise?

We might be seeing growth of a whole new sector of games in the crypto space as we’ve already witnessed the deployment of cryptokitties, cryptodoggies, etherbots, cryptotown and much more already!