Overwinter Is Here – Zcash Hard Fork Is Just a Better Version of the Same Coin

ZCash is all ready to roll out its first Zcash hard fork.

However, the Zcash hard fork will not create a new coin but will merely make the existing one better.

The development team behind the privacy coin described the new Zcash hard fork as Zcash’s “first software updates required” upgrade.

While the term “hard fork” usually has negative connotations of conflict and problems in the old coin, the  Zcash hard fork is just a system upgrade that allows the coin to have access to better upgrades, with Zcash’s name and basic organizations remaining the same.

The Zcash hard fork that is scheduled for June 2018 will upgrade the main chain, and will open doors to another hard fork, or network upgrade, called “Sapling”.

“Sapling is the first major upgrade planned for the Zcash network (the first and current release being known as Sprout). Sapling will be implemented as a hard fork and is planned for September 2018 with the preparatory upgrade ”

Sapling is the network upgrade which will allow even faster transactions on the already speedy Zcash network along with enhancing its already sturdy privacy protocols.

By implementing these updates while the Zcash network is still in seemingly good shape, the development team wants to ensure that it is ready to process higher number of speedy transactions in the future without ever falling prey to the scalability issues which popular networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum struggle with at the moment.



Zcash has proven to be one of the most consistent and functional cryptocurrencies especially when it comes to privacy coins.

The team behind Zcash is proficient enough to deliver what it has promised so far, and the prominent marketing of the network and associated individuals make the project more trustworthy than your usual altcoin. All of that makes Zcash a good contender for a trader’s next major investment.

At the same time, Zcash and its custom safety protocol “zk-SNARKS” is only as good as its team’s word. While there have been no security breaches on the network so far, critics argue that it is because a third party has never rigorously tested the network for fallacies. This one aspect that remains to be one of the main points that go against Zcash and its title as a potential investment.

If Zcash can have that point addressed by some means, then the network would certainly have everything in control by the looks of it – since it has so far made a name for itself among these uncertainties. Zcash is also said to be a good mining investment at the current moment.

In summary:

Zcash is following its roadmap and is making necessary upgrades as they see fit. Their current upgrade or the Zcash hardfork will make way for the Sapling Network Upgrade which will take place in September of this year. The upgrade will provide for faster verification times, lower memory requirements and improved security through the implementation of a new elliptic curve construction.

For a quick intro to Zcash, see below!

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