Participate in The New Bounty Campaign by SegWit2X: Prize Fund is $120K

Dear supporters and followers of SegWit2X and B2X coin, we have amazing news for you. SegWit2X team is launching a number of bounty campaigns, which give Blockchain developers the opportunity to show how skillful they are and reward the best projects, ideas, solutions with big bucks.

We deeply believe in technologies and people acing them. The whole purpose of the SegWit2X Bitcoin fork is to develop the Blockchain technology in general. We are looking forward to meet outstanding Blockchain enthusiasts for further joint cooperation.

The 3 campaigns we are planning to run are the following:


  • B2X App Contest (the total prize fund is 70.000 USD in B2X)


The goal of the bounty campaign is to motivate developers to create apps supporting B2X. This could be any kind of app representing various industries operating in B2C sector. The duration of the campaign is 3 months, the expected amount of winners varies from 1 to 5 and the total prize fund is $70.000. Your apps could be supporting any cryptocurrencies but the B2X implementation is compulsory.

The apps could fall into the following criteria:

  • Off-the-shelf, working solution.
  • Best concept, non-trivial solution.

It could be a mobile app (Android/IOS), a web application, or a browser app.

  1. Bug Bounty B2X (the total prize fund is 30.000 USD in B2X)

This bounty campaign falls into two criteria:

  • find web-service vulnerabilities (reward varies from $50 to $5K in B2X).
  • find B2X code vulnerabilities (reward is $5K in B2X).
  1. B2X Improve Bounty (the total prize fund is 20.000 USD in B2X)

The goal of this contest is to improve SegWit2X project. The best solutions with the detailed code description will be given substantial rewards in B2X: rewards vary from 1.000 to 5.000 USD in B2X.

All ideas and projects received will be evaluated by the community. The duration of the campaigns is 3 months. The total prize fund is 120.000 USD in B2X.

To get to know more about the bounty campaigns we are running and get the details of the technical side of the project, please, go to our official website and follow our latest news through the social channels.

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