Po.et Adds Washington Post Executive to Grow Further

Blockchain might have made its way to the global stage by serving as the backend technology for Bitcoin, but it has since evolved past its primary use case and has been adopted by various market segments to revolutionize the functions of multiple industries.


One of the most recent ventures to use blockchain in a non-conventional capacity is Po.et, a platform that focuses on establishing ownership and verifiability of created content.

By the usage of the distributed ledger technology (DLT), Po.et aims to ensure that it uses the transparency, security, and efficiency of blockchain to establish a revolutionary yet evident way of identifying the ownership of created content, as well as eradicating plagiarism and false claims over someone else’s intellectual property.

It will also provide licensing services to act as a liaison platform between publishers, creators and any pertinent parties that are integral to the progress on a case to case basis.

The concept has been received positively through the content and blockchain community since both of them believe that it has the potential to redefine the functions of how the content industry works in today’s day and age. There is a strong belief on how important it is for a creator to protect their intellectual property.

Adding a top-level Washington Post Exec

Building upon the viability of the concept, Po.et has now added credibility to its name by nabbing a top level exec from the Washington Post to have its foundation spearheaded by an experienced individual who could establish the brand’s authority and have it known in the publishing sector as a respectable entity.

Po.et recently announced that Jarrod Dicker, who previously served as the vice president for innovation and commercial strategy at Washington Post, will be joining the Po.et Foundation as its chief executive officer.

Besides serving at Washington Post, Dicker had previously worked at Times Inc. and Huffington Post, where he developed programs to help the companies’ ad-based and technological initiatives and helmed great success in return.

As Po.et’s CEO, Dicker is going to head the organization’s operations and will focus on strategy and product development to leverage from his previous, successful experience in those segments.

He will also manage “Frost” for the company, which is an API that was recently launched to facilitate publishers and other parties for adopting Po.et’s verification and content management services easily.

Through the API, Po.et aims to increase the adoption of its services so it can eventually become the primary content management, licensing and verification platform for the industry.

Announcing the move through his blog post, Dicker mentioned that Po.et’s offerings would work towards redefining the processes involved with content development and management, which will provide all stakeholders an experience that is full of freedom.

Dicker wrote:

“The path Po.et is taking toward digital artistic independence can free not only content creators but media companies, brands and marketers from servitude to particular platforms, publishers and revenue models.”

He mentioned:

“Blockchain technology and the Po.et platform sanction a new network effect to not be ‘owned’ by a single entity but maintained by the collective owners of the content itself.” 

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