Crypto never sleeps, at any given time someone somewhere is working on a project, another may be readying an initial coin offering, others are mining, and some may be in the process of looking at ways to infiltrate the security of exchanges and other third parties that service the cryptosystem. This recent incident in Russia supports this claim.

This incident has caused a stir in the crypto community as authorities in the Russian nation has arrested employees working for the All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics in Sarov, an organization that deals with sensitive nuclear weapons and material of that nature. Apparently, these employees didn’t find their jobs engaging enough and thought that they would multitask, looking to add cryptocurrency mining to their list of to do’s while in the workplace.

Further Details

The BBC notes that the city is home to more than 18,000 employees devoted the regard noted above as well one the most powerful computers in Russia. Local media in Russia note that the employees sought to take advantage of their situation and use this premium computer to conduct a mining operation. It seems that the plan of the employees was quickly thwarted when officials saw that the typically offline computer go online. This move seemed strange and caused the initial investigation.

It looks like the field of mining is becoming more competitive as people like these Russian scientists and engineers figure out more creative ways to access superior computers to conduct mining operations.

An official at the facility noted to Russian Media that these employees were trying to use the supercomputer for activities that were not authorized.

History of Sarov

The city of Sarov is a land which possesses many secrets; this was one Russia’s main leaders of the first Soviet Atomic Project. Many details from this project have yet to be released to the public and still play a crucial role in the overall nuclear assets and development in Russia. The RFNC-VNIIEF employs individuals to sustain and further the security of Russia through developments in their nuclear field, in many aspects from nuclear weaponization to other use cases.

The city of Sarov is greatly influenced by the early history of those who worked in this regard in the latter portion of the prior century. These early workers were tasked with creating a nuclear shield for the Motherland. The best, the brightest, and most energetic professionals were brought to work on this cause. This history and its continuation differentiate it greatly from other cities in Russia; it has its mission, a mission of great significance, to continue advanced research and development in this sector, promoting security in their homeland.

About the All Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics

All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics (RFNC-VNIIEF) is a big, dynamically developing enterprise providing a wide spectrum of activities and employing engineers/technicians of 450 specialties and workers of over 300 specialties.

The manpower policy of RFNC-VNIIEF is to provide the Institute with the staff, capable of implementing at maximum efficiency level the strategic tasks pursued by the Institute.

As of today, the one-third of those employed by the Institute are people under 35. The basic goals of the policy for the younger generation in RFNC-VNIIEF comply with those declared in the “Strategy of state policy referring young generation in the RF.”