Self-Mining Platform Artemine Launches Trading of Its Genesis Addresses

Artemine, the next generation of self-mining platform Minereum, recently launched the trading of its Genesis Addresses through its website.

In what is being considered as a first-ever, revolutionary move, the new platform will allow users to buy and sell Genesis Addresses through a simple process.

Genesis Addresses are one of the core aspects of formulating a cryptocurrency’s supply. Since these addresses are pre-credited with a certain amount of coins for the blockchain, they hold significant value in their own right from the start. The coins attributed to these addresses will be self-mined over a period of time.

The buying and selling process of Artemine Genesis Addresses is completely decentralized and is carried out through the usage of smart contracts. Ether can be used to complete the transactions.

Artemine aims to develop this approach of trading Genesis Addresses into an adoptable practice through the industry, as it will not just enhance user-engagement with blockchain platforms but will also work towards expanding each blockchain’s network to a variety of users.

Since Artemine had announced earlier that its Genesis Addresses would depend upon the initial coin offering (ICO) that it completed, the number of available Genesis Addresses on the network was revealed to be 2,898.

More About Artemine and Minereum

When Minerium had first launched, its revolutionary concept of self-mining smart contracts was well received along with its native token MNE. The platform announced attribution of 32,000 MNE with its non-transferable Genesis Addresses. The collected addresses were then multiplied by the attributed amount of MNE, and that created the total circulation of the self-mined MNE.

Then, Minerium planned to go one step ahead with its approach of self-mining.

That is how Artemine came into existence, and along with using the self-mining smart contracts from its predecessor, it brought a slew of new features with it.

One such feature was the ability to transfer Genesis Addresses, which is how this Genesis Addresses trading platform was originated. The platform also allows the concept of public mining, which is aimed towards facilitating as many people as possible in addition to these self-mined Genesis Addresses.

The next step on Artemine’s agenda is to launch its “Token ICO factory,” which is going to act as an upgrade for the existing Minereum Token Creation Service that allows its users to create ERC 20 tokens.

The upgraded features will include the creation of ICO smart contracts along with the tokens, so users could have a one-stop solution to launch their ICO initiative.

With these multiple features, Artemine hopes to become a one of its kind platform that offers unique solutions to its users, and thus aims to carve a niche for itself in this rapidly growing industry.

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