Successful People Talking About Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

successful entrepreneurs bill gates and richard branson talk about bitcoin in interviews

Successful Rich / Famous People Talking About Bitcoin

Successful people like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Max Kaiser and more talk about Bitcoin and the impact it’s having on the world. Blockchain technology is moving at an incredible rate, more and more people are becoming interested, and as the price continues to rise, it the snowball will begin rolling faster and faster!

John McAfee Talks About Bitcoin

An interview with the millionaire founder of cyber security company McAfee. Mr McAfee has been talking about Bitcoin for a while now and actually runs a Bitcoin mining operation in the United States. He famously replied to a tweet in July 2017, asking if Bitcoin will hit $500,000 within 3 years. McAfee replied to the tweet with ‘if not I will eat my dick on national television’.

Bill Gates: NOBODY CAN STOP BITCOIN: Bitcoin Is Unstoppable

The video starts with a now unthinkable conversation about the internet in the 80’s. The presenters show off the new at the time email technology and they ask what the internet is. Seems crazy now, but this is the stage we’re at with cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin for beginners:

A video explaining the basics of Bitcoin and why it’s been so successful!

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