It seems like everyone had forgotten about the Bitcoin payments that 50 Cent – whose real name is Curtis Jackson – had accepted in 2014 for his album “Animal Ambition.”

And the news outlets are not to be blamed for it either, as 50 Cent had never talked about that little incident himself until the clever folks at TMZ took a refresher in history and put 2 and two together.

Animal ambition pays off

In what, almost everyone from the conventional industry saw as a move for publicity and not financial acumen at the time, 50 Cent had announced around the release of Animal Ambition that he will be partnering with payment processor BitPay to accept the then-obscure payment method.

The album did receive Bitcoin in payments through this payment method, amounting to 700 Bitcoin in total. As Bitcoin had been trading somewhere around $650 at the time, the total sales in Bitcoin valued over $400,000.

While people did not pay any attention to it before this, when the amount raised in Bitcoin was revisited, it came up to be more than $8 Million according to the cryptocurrency’s current value.

The news has since blown up and has been covered by various media outlets throughout the world, with 50 Cent himself taking part in the discussion.

50 Cent Comments on the news

Soon after the news went viral, 50 Cent decided to weigh in on it through his Instagram account.

He recently shared a video of an old interview from Late Night with Seth Meyers, where he was asked about his decision to accept Bitcoin for his album.

“You have always been ahead of the curve in social media and stuff like this,” Meyers had asked 50 Cent in the interview. “For your last album, you actually accepted Bitcoin.”

“Yeah, yeah… you know… all money is money.” 50 Cent had replied.

The video clip was shared along with 50 Cent’s recent comments stating “All moneys is good money over here.”

It does seem that 50 Cent has both luck and the smartness of his decisions working in his favor so far. While the Bitcoin decision had been mixed with luck and a leap of faith, the rapper’s other decision to turn an actor recently paid off with his most receive movie “Den of Thieves,” which is surpassing box office expectations.

While the movie has received mixed reviews from critics, it is doing well by its audience and ended up in the top three in the domestic box office.

Bitcoin can benefit from the news, of course

While the news has generated quite a buzz for 50 Cent around the release of his new movie, it has also gotten mainstream media’s attention towards Bitcoin once more. It will not be a surprise if Google Trends show Bitcoin as one of the top global searches once again.