The Blockchain Summit London – Everything You Need To Know & Why You Should Attend!

It is usual for every growing industry to be rife with a slew of discussions in the period of its infancy, and the same holds true for the blockchain technology sector.

The promising technology remains to be a hot topic amongst various segments of the business and development world, all of which desire to be an integral part of cultivating it into a mainstream tool.

While it is a healthy practice to be a part of such discussions, it is extremely imperative for any blockchain enthusiast or professional to take part in the right discussions. The right discussions would be that which does not waste their time with unwanted data but allow them to learn about relevant information, projections, and suggestions from revered names in the technological industry.

These correct discussions would give them insight, specific and actionable information, allowing them to lay out a personal plan of growth for themselves or their own businesses accordingly.

Fortunately, helpful minds from the blockchain industry keep striving to provide relevant platforms for such individuals, and one such forum happens to be the Blockchain Summit London.


What is the Blockchain Summit London 2018?

Being held on June 26 – June 27, 2018, at Olympia, London, the Blockchain Summit is going to be home to some of the most respectable and renowned names from the tech industry.

The event, which is being sponsored by IBM, Intel, PwC, and Oracle et al. is going to have a broader approach than those summits which only focus on niche sections of the blockchain industry such as cryptocurrencies and banking applications.

As compared to the aforementioned events, the Blockchain Summit sets itself apart by allowing its participants to benefit from professional insight from across a large portfolio of industries which include not just the above but also the pharmaceutical, media, management, law and education sectors.

Therefore, over the two days of the summit, participants will not only be able to take part in general discussions pertaining to blockchain technology but would also be able to learn firsthand what tenured individuals from each of their respective industries think about blockchain technology and its use cases in purpose-built, decentralized platforms or applications.

Blockchain Summit’s list of speakers includes names such as John McLean, VP Global Blockchain Labs Engagement at IBM; Dejan Kusalovic, Global Head of Fintech Enabling at Intel; Zeeshan Feroz, CEO at Coinbase UK; Matthew Farrar, Senior Technology Lawyer at BBC; and Tomer Federman, Product Marketing Manager at Facebook, among many others.

In addition to the mentioned sponsors, the Blockchain Summit will also hold exhibits from participant companies the likes of Accenture, Bitfury, Pillar Project, Wipro and WUNDER, where these entities will be unveiling some of their latest blockchain technology projects and plans on how to execute them.

The highlights of the summit do not just end at the list of speakers and exhibitors, but the over 700 attendees which the event plans to hold themselves would provide networking opportunities of the type to each other which could only come with face to face interactions – for which the summit provides a perfect platform.

The event remains accessible to even those who are on a budget, since it allows entry through three different tiers, starting from £50 for the basic access and going up to £1,250 for the all access pass which includes multiple benefits for the holder.

The deadline to register and obtain a relevant pass to the event is June 27. Interested individuals can click here to obtain their entry to the Blockchain Summit before time runs out.

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