While cryptocurrency is one of the most polarizing topics over the world, one thing that everyone seems to agree upon is that blockchain, the underlying technology behind it, is something which has immense potential for success in various capacities.

From governments to private institutions, different entities from numerous countries have come out in support for blockchain technology especially in the past year, and the demand and interest keep growing for it.

Once such initiative is Ireland’s Crypto Coast, which aims to unite blockchain based businesses from within the country and throughout the world, offering the East Coast of Ireland as the central hub of technological development for interested entities.

Crypto Coast was founded by Reuben Godfrey, who previously co-founded the Blockchain Association of Ireland – an initiative to encourage blockchain development in the city of Dublin.

Now, Crypto Coast aims to build upon that very idea by expanding its reach to Ireland’s East Coast instead of keeping it limited to Dublin.

Godfrey aims to attract blockchain developers, startups, and established businesses to develop the area as one of the primary centers for blockchain technology in the region.

He believes that diversifying the offering from Dublin to include other cities and locations all through the East Coast will only sweeten the pot for potential movers who would be looking for affordable spaces rather than expensive locations.

Last year during one of the launch events for Crypto Coast, Godfrey stated:

“With existing infrastructure and modern work practices there is no need for start-ups in this area to compete for space in an already congested Dublin city-center.” 

He said:

“Indeed, many start-ups focus more on work life balance and community.” 

While the blockchain community in Dublin is establishing slowly to the point of being one of the central hubs of this new technology, Godfrey is employing efforts to do the same for the East Coast now.

He has already established a workspace in Dub Laoghaire and hopes that activities originating from there would contribute towards the success of the Crypto Coast initiative.

The program aims to offer its support to interested entities while they look towards establishing their presence in the region. It will leverage from its established network of experts ranging from technical, legal and financial industries to connect relevant parties and make the process of moving to the East Coast easier for those are new to the area – whether they hail from another part of Ireland or come from any other part of the world.

Crypto Coast also hopes to expand its organizational structure in the future so it could provide more support and assistance to its target market. For this, it plans to work towards launching its cryptocurrency in the future which might be finalized by the end of 2018.

One of the objectives of Crypto Coast is to promote the usage of cryptocurrencies – the most well-known use case of blockchain – to the everyday user, so they could know of the benefits they could acquire if they start using this revolutionary technology.

Godfrey is very optimistic for this initiative considering Ireland’s status as a technology friendly nation. He hopes that the offering will attract more and more parties shortly so they could work towards building a true Crypto Coast accordingly.