Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies Throughout April

April is almost over but it will go down as a largely successful month for cryptocurrencies. In which the bear run of 2018 seemed to come to an end as the overall cryptocurrency market cap surged back above $400 billion. Of the top 30 cryptocurrencies the worst performer was Litecoin, which still saw an impressive 25% rise according to market data on Cryptocurrency investors are pleased to finally see a positive month and no matter their investments it seems everyone has profited throughout April. But which coins were the most profitable cryptocurrencies throughout April.

This article is taking data from and looks at the most profitable cryptocurrencies throughout April… due to the huge number of cryptocurrencies we are simply comparing the top 30. There is obviously a lot of cryptocurrencies which outperformed the coins below but we are trying to highlight the most popular cryptocurrencies and their gains throughout April.

Most profitable cryptocurrencies throughout April

EOS has been the absolute standout performer throughout April, it is unclear why EOS has increased so much. However, it is likely to do with anticipation of the EOS mainnet launch due for early June. Next was Aeternity which has had an astronomical rise over the last 30 days. Aeternity is probably the most unheard of but is now becoming,ing one of the most established cryptocurrencies after only completing their ICO in June 2017.

The Aeternity project is marketed as a scalable blockchain solution for high bandwidth transactions. Basically, this refers to any data intensive process within the realm of fin-tech, banking, gaming and IOT. On a practical level, Aeternity can support applications related to payments, video games and the prediction markets.

Cardano, OmiseGo, Stellar Lumens, Bytecoin, Steem and Tron all saw increases of over 100% as well in what has been an incredible month. The mood across the the cryptocurrency world seems bullish heading into May and we are excited to see what the biggest gainers of May are.

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