How Fuel Bros’ Etherbots Is Outpacing Cryptokitties

The Rise of Etherbots

Etherbots is outpacing Cryptokitties when it comes to transaction volume and this may be big deal because it shows that the Ethereum platform is able to support these widely popular games, yet still having a need to grow for the future.

The game has been commanding the attention of individuals in the ethereum gaming space for some time and is now one of the top three dapps on the Ethereum blockchain.  The decentralized application held a higher spot earlier on in the week. The other top games in are Etheroll, cryptocelebrities,  cryptokitties, and cryptocountries. The cryptoworld seems to be growing with enthusiasts and use cases in all forms from games to currencies to how financial institutions are seeking to grow and cater to the space in various ways.

So, what is Etherbots?

Etherbots is a decentralized application that invites visitors to their website to the arena. The game allows you to collect, buy and sell robots and parts on their market. It allows for the building of robots, allowing users to forge parts into powerful robots. Lastly, and quite possibly, the most fun part for many, it allows for Duels to take place. These duels allow for one on one style play where winners can win prizes.

The game seems to following similar principles of crypto kitties, such as the ability to make robots, the ability to have unique robots, while possessing their digital assets in its entirety and having an element of scarcity.

Yet, due to the nature of the game, it seems as if the team over at Etherbots are able to push the game a little further through the aspect of gameplay, allowing the users to battle it out with their robots. The winners and losers are decided through decisions made by their userbase. The value of the robots come from the competition.

This would, of course, be a key element of the game, in a time of scarcity, competition must be present, there must be winners and losers. This and many more interesting themes are tied in and serve as the building blocks of the game.

The game has yet to launch

Yes, you read that right, one of the most popular games in cryptoland is one that has yet to launch. The game will be launching in five days, and the pre-sale of robots has just begun.  The presale will last until February fifteenth, 2018 and the game will launch in February sixteenth, 2018. A cursory glance at their site shows that one will be able to “Get their presale crates now.”  Remember that there will only a be a limited number of bots that will be sold during the pre-sale

Their site states that the game is made with love by the Fuel Bros innovation team.

Ethereum and Scaling

It is certainly going to become more pressing for the core team at Ethereum to stick to their roadmap for this year and implement scaling solutions to be able to accommodate more interesting games.

About the Fuel Bros Innovation Team: The people behind Etherbots

The Fuel Bros innovation team is a company based in Sydney Australia that provides services such as focusing in on digital ventures, decentralized applications, blockchain technologies,  and Cloud Development processes.

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