Advertising. The mechanism that runs the web, at least, the mechanism that powers many an internet company, ranging from individual blogs and websites to powerhouses like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Oath, Amazon, Yelp, Snapchat, IAC, and still is a significant part of many companies on the world wide web.

Advertising Problems

Yet, as many have adjusted to this new normal of free content with a mixture of relevant or irrelevant ads and clunky browsing user experiences, many seek a better solution, an improvement to the many problems faced in this advertising based world that is the norm today. The entities that are able to gain the most advantage and benefit the most are those large players who essentially sell ad space, platform players and aggregators like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Oath, Yelp, Snapchat and many others similar to them. These competitors vacuum up much of the demand from an ad space standpoint leaving the many small blogs and websites who run on ad revenues with a much smaller portion of the pie.

This vacuuming of demand creates a sort of duopoly in the marketplace, causing for a lower and constricting experience for advertisers. Advertisers may have to pay higher prices while not being able to gain the right reach that they need to produce a significant return on their ad spend.

But these are not only sides that are affected, one of the most important part of the equation, the viewerbase or the audience might be short changed with current methods of advertising as well. These content viewers might experience and overall lower quality of online content consumption due to a clunky ad experience. Most users can attest to the fact that they would like, nay, they demand a better online content consumption experience, yet not many innovators and disruptors have stepped up to plate to provide a clean and simple solution that addresses concerns for these parties.

The Kind Solution

This is where Kind Ads step in, they seek to improve the process for all involved in this advertising and audience equation. They seek to create a kind solution that works for Internet users, publishers as well as advertisers.

The solution for internet users is focused around negating the aspect of spammy ads that can ruin an individual’s’ browser experience. Kind Ads seeks to provide the content consuming audience with relevant ads through better channels like email and push notification allowing the user to browse through the web with minimal issues.

Kind Ads also seeks to assist publishers by making their web properties more palatable by making sure that the ads that they serve up are relevant, and sent through push notifications and emails as opposed to through a negative user experience as a part of their web property. Another additional benefit that Kind Ads provides is that they will give publishers access to their money instantly, giving them the opportunity to have a better cash management process.

The company also seeks to cater to advertisers with an offering that is lower priced and more effective, giving advertisers a higher return on their spend. Kind Ads seeks to cut out the middle man, thereby minimizing costs and letting their message to be heard in a much more efficient manner.

ICO Details

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The project is run by veterans in advertising and digital space with prominent advisors like Neil Patel, founder of KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg, other advisors include people like Trevor Koverko, the founder and CEO of Polymath, another key advisor is also Krutal Desai, Head of Special Projects at WordPress &Automattic.