The popular US TV series, The Big Bang Theory could open the flood gates for even greater widespread Bitcoin adoption.

Watch The Big Bang Theory Bitcoin episode preview down below!

Since it’s 2007 premier on CBS , the show is now one of the world’s most popular TV shows. Currently on season 11, the producers have decided to create an episode named ‘The Bitcoin Entanglement’! The episode will air on 30th November 2017 and could very well cause a spike in the Bitcoin price.

The popular cryptocurrency now has a market cap of over $150 Billion, worth more than the majority of companies around the world, and the possibility of mass adoption is quickly growing.

The price for one Bitcoin has risen by over 700% in 2017 alone, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Other popular public figures are coming out of the woodwork to show support for cryptocurrencies, such as the recent announcement from the singer Bjork that she will be accepting cryptocurrency for her new album.

Dan Bilzerian boasts about his crypto gains

It’s an exciting time for Bitcoin enthusiasts as the much loved cryptocuurrency is finally getting the attention it deserves!


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