What is AdEx?

AdEx is a next generation blockchain based online advertisement marketplace, it looks to solve a huge issue in the current online advertisement marketplace by removing the need for a centralised authority like Google or Facebook and will allow advertisers and publishers to collaborate without the need for a middleman. In the current advertising marketplace, online ads make up almost 40% of the entire market place and AdEx aims to disrupt the current infrastructure. By using blockchain technology AdEx will allow advertisers and publishers to use a secure and transparent platform with reduced costs on both sides as well as higher potential earnings for both sides. The main feature on AdEx is the customisable user profile; a personalised page which allows users to control which kind of ads are delivered to them, rather than adverts been shown to everyone and anyone it will be targeted at a more engaged audience who see adverts that are more likely to appeal to them as users will provide key information about things such as:

  • Personal preferences
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Shopping habits
  • Purchase preferences

This means that advertisers will see a higher return on their investment budget making the whole system more efficient for everyone.

Why Invest in AdEx?

AdEx is to become the first ever decentralised app (DApp) to run on the NEO ecosystem, however AdEx will support both NEO and ERC20 and users tokens will be seamlessly convertible. To do this it will use something called an oracle smart contract which will monitor tokens on both blockchains. The AdEx core based on Ethereum is live and the on for NEO will be launched by the end of the year, this will be a huge benefit to users as they are not forced into using a particular system and can instead use platform they’re more comfortable with.

The AdEx token sale launched in June earlier this year and sold out after just 8hours! They had around 2000 investors donating a total of 40,008 ETH.

AdEx has a strong team behind them with experts in the advertisement industry as well as some leading partners behind them including Bitmain, Wings, Stremio and Fintech Blockchain Group. This has benefitted the project as they’re developing a lot faster than some other blockchain projects and all in all looks to be a great long term investment.

Where to buy AdEx?

The token sale finished in June 2017 and less than a month later the tokens were listed on a couple of the cryptocurrency exchanges, you can purchase Ad-Ex on Bittrex currently and it should only be a matter of time before you start seeing Ad-Ex on most crypto trading platforms. What are your thoughts on the project? Will you be investing in Ad-Ex?

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