Where’s My $300 Million? Parity Wallet Ethereum Losses

A significant event that happened lately regarding parity wallet and the potential losses of up to $300 million Ethereum. What’s worse is that there’s a big chance that this may be lost forever.

The reasons that are stated for the loss are primarily based on human error and and the triggering event was a few bugs that were found in the digital wallets’ company software.  The developer seeing the variety of issues present thought that some actions had to be taken and this caused the developer to accidentally control, secure and lock in the funds. This caused the $300 million ETH currency loss.

The user, which went by the name of “devops199”, upon realizing that there was an accidental taking over of the ether wanted to remedy this, while seeking to remedy this, he deleted the code which transferred ownership of the funds. This action, though, unfortunately, didn’t return the funds to the appropriate parties, instead, this led to a simple permanent lock up of all the funds in the multisignature wallets which were affected. This means a permanent lack of access to all those who were affected.

For it’s part, parity, the company involved has submitted it’s statements saying that the amount of money potentially lost is purely speculative. They have advised via their blog post the issue “A vulnerability in the Parity Wallet library contract of the standard multi-sig contract has been found.” Then went onto say to clarify those who were affected “users with assets in a multi-sig wallet created in Parity Wallet that was deployed after 20th July.”

They have also provided an update on events “We continue to investigate the situation and are exploring all possible implications and solutions. Blockchain and related technologies are a vanguard area of computer science. Our mission remains to build software to power the decentralised web.”

Apparently, this was a vulnerability that surfaced recently and wasn’t fixed in a prior response to a vulnerability that was found earlier this year.

A bright spot in this situation is that the money wasn’t taken, and it was stolen, as has happened in past incidents such as the time that hackers stole 32 million from a few multi-sig wallets due to a vulnerability that went unnoticed until the attack.

Furthermore, it is not necessarily the case the amount of is simply gone forever, no, it is more the case that the money is now frozen. Parity states that accident effectively did the job of “wiping out the library code which in turn rendered all multi-sig contracts unusable and funds frozen since their logic (any state-modifying function) was inside the library.”

As Parity has stated, these are growing pains in an industry that is being adopted and is experiencing rapid changes. Being able to account for these changes and potential vulnerabilities take time and requires patience, as all things are sorted out in the long term.

If you would like to check if you were affected, please visit this site and reach out to the team at community@parity.io

We’ll be following along for more updates as this situation progresses.

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