The Bunny Ranch or more officially known as The Moonlite BunnyRanch is a legal, licensed brothel in Mound House, Nevada, United States, 6 miles east of Carson City.  The owner and operator of this brothel is Dennis Hof.

The Bunny Ranch is a brothel that’s known by many, most likely because brothels are not considered legal in the United States of America, thus making this one unique and special.

This brothel has also received publicity from television and has been widely covered by various publications.

This business has been making the news rounds lately because it is deciding whether or not to accept the volatile cryptocurrency, Bitcoin as a means of payment for their services.

Initial Stages

It’s an interesting situation because Bitcoin was initially used in the dark web and places like Silk Road and other areas for situations that were not necessarily wholesome or family friendly. The cryptocurrency was embraced by those who frequented that community, primarily because had the characteristic of anonymity. Users could purchase illicit materials such as drugs, guns, pirated movies, content and other items in a faceless manner. This lack of identification gave it immense utility for that period.

Interestingly, those who are quick to point out that Bitcoin is used primarily for these activities will have a laugh when they see that a brothel is contemplating accepting the volatile cryptocurrency, possibly, due to it’s somewhat remaining anonymous characteristics.

Further Details

The owner of the operation has several other venues that are similar in the state of Nevada. He, just like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase are looking into the cryptocurrency, primarily due to demand from their wealthy clients.

This increasing demand has caused a change of heart for those who have labeled the cryptocurrency as something that lives on the edge or one that is existing to serve those who have nefarious intents to understanding the wider application.

He stressed the nature of the individuals who frequent his establishments and commented further on why he is researching the digital asset:

“We have some of the richest men in the world coming in and out of my brothels. Our high dollar clientele is accustomed to getting anything they want here, so when I started hearing requests from them to look into accepting Bitcoin, I took those suggestions very seriously.”

Again, the aspect of anonymity is essential in this setting, and he reiterates this sentiment to Quartz magazine.

“Friends of mine like Heidi (Fleiss, Hollywood’s most notorious madam) have been trusted with a lot of powerful secrets, and the anonymous nature of Bitcoin is a natural fit for people who have much to lose if their private matters were to ever fall into the wrong hands”.


It is undoubtedly a fascinating turn of events as it is showing its versatility in use cases in various settings.

Who would have thought that as it gained more mainstream adoption it would be used in some of the same areas where it started out?