A new game seems to be taking the world by storm. No, it’s not Angry Birds or Pokémon GO, it’s CryptoKitties.

Yes, that’s right, CryptoKitties. A new technology hasn’t really taken off unless some game developer has built a game that’s gone famous on it right?

CryptoKitties is like a crossover between FarmVille and The Sims, except CryptoKitties you aren’t focused on agriculture like in FarmVille or running a person’s life like in The Sims, you are raising a kitten, all sorts of kittens. A sign of the times?

Maybe. Just maybe.

The ethereum based game seems to be wildly popular, so popular that it might be somewhat of a burden on the ETH network technology. Many call this a variation or the modern equivalent of the famous Tamagotchi game, where one had a handheld digital pet, a toy which sold over 76 million.

The objective of the game is to collect and breed your adorable virtual cats. If one were to go to the site, one would find an alluring invitation compelling the user to “start meow”.

One key feature of the game brought to you by advanced technology is the fact you own the kitty, the kitty or kitties cannot be taken away from you or replicated.

“CryptoKitties is a game centered around breedable, collectible, and oh-so-adorable creatures we call CryptoKitties! Each cat is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you; it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed.”  This is a key feature because it means that there are so many applications that were built on top of the ethereum blockchain and it shows that we are just tapping into what can be accomplished.

The CryptoKitty website goes further in depth on what this game means by asking what many serious cryptospace enthusiasts may be pondering: what’s the big deal?

The game creators go on to elaborate on the application by stating that it is one of the world’s first games that is created on top of the blockchain technology and gives us a few examples of what other innovations have come from it (bitcoin and ethereum). See, much like one adds cryptocoins to their collection, one can add CryptoKitties to their virtual collection. Why would one want to do this? Well, they have an affinity for cats and maybe want to substitute digital cats for real cats or want to complement their real-life collection of cats with CryptoKitties.

While with your real-life cats, buying, selling, trading, and raising your kitty might be a bit more complicated, the game makes things much easier. A user would be able to perform a variety of actions and treat their cat as if it was a regular collectible while resting assured that the system will always know who is the proper owner of the cat.

Check out what TenX Co-Founder has to say about the sensational game:


How much would you spend on a CryptoKitty?


It has been reported that sales have gone through the roof, with users having spent at least a total of $3 million on raising, purchasing, and trading in-game items.

Guess how much an average cat is trading for?  One hundred dollars worth of the ethereum currency.

There are so many users and so many transactions that there is sort of an overload happening on the system with transactions being backed up for processing.

This game allows for further growth in the ethereum ecosystem, pushing the developers forward, compelling them even more to meet the needs of the customers, and solving fundamental scaling issues that are present right meow.