Over the past few years, Romania has slowly established itself as a country that embraces technology wholeheartedly. With its growing presence in the online staffing industry where Romanian freelancers signify a noticeable segment of established entities, it is no wonder that is one of the top 50 in Forbes’ Best Countries for Business list.

And it seems that the country and its citizens are ready to welcome the next big technological breakthrough after online freelancing. According to a recent poll, a significant number of Romanians are taking to the idea of cryptocurrency payments, and believe that they are the way to the future. Yes, in Romania cryptocurrecny payments may be in demand. Youth or younger individuals seem to show more proclivity toward the emerging space as evidenced in countries like South Korea, US and more.

More details about the romanian cryptocurrency poll

The poll was conducted by iSense Solutions, a research company that is based in Romania which has access to online representation from over 80 countries and has conducted studies all over the world, including but not limited to the U.S., the U.K, France, and Germany.

In order to gather data for the poll, iSense Solutions had 500 online respondents, aged 18-65, participate in the process. The respondents all belonged to urban areas and are members of ResearchRomanio.ro, another research platform from Romania which specializes in providing centralized marketing information from multiple segments.

What does the poll say for cryptocurrency payments in romania

According to the poll, 57 percent of Romanians have heard of cryptocurrencies, while 35 percent out of those people stated that they trust the way cryptocurrencies function.

44 percent of Romanians mentioned that they would be comfortable with making payments in cryptocurrency, whereas 17 percent stated that they actually intend to buy cryptocurrency within the next 12 months.

Another murmur of agreement that was noticeable was about cryptocurrency being the “future of payments”, as 30 percent of the participants believed that notion.

 Not too shabby for a country where out of all participants in the poll, only 8 percent of them had purchased any cryptocurrency in the last 12 months.

These figures get even more interesting when they are segregated by age, as doing that shows that young Romanians are actually friendlier towards cryptocurrencies as opposed to their older counterparts.

By looking at the answers from the perspective of people under 40, it is evident that younger Romanians are more open to the idea of cryptocurrencies.

As compared to 35 percent of total Romanians who stated that they trust cryptocurrencies, 44 percent of participants under the age of 40 agreed with that approach.

This trend also held true when it came to making payments with cryptocurrencies: while 44 percent out of the total number of Romanians had leaned towards it, the number went to be 50 percent when it came to people under 40.

It was also mentioned that as opposed to 17 percent of total Romanians, 22 percent of people under the age of 40 stated that they plan to buy cryptocurrency within the next 12 months.

This shows growing interest in what could be an emerging market for cryptocurrencies

The poll, at the very least, signifies that Romania’s interest in cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency payments in Romania is growing.

The way that younger citizens are even more open to the idea of them and actually tend to trust them predicts that cryptocurrencies could turn to be a significant industry within Romania in the future.

Only time can tell that for certain, but the signs definitely look positive. 

More countries are taking advantage of the crypto emergence to issue their own currencies.