What Next For EOS? EOS Raises $4.2 Billion Before Mainnet Launch

If you have been following the cryptocurrency space, then you are probably aware of EOS. Well the project everyone has been anticipating is now (at the time of writing) in their final day of their extraordinary year long ICO. EOS had raised an incredible 7,162,546.39 ETH going into their final day, meaning they have so far raised $4,201,836,214 ($4.2 billion) at the current Ethereum price of $586. This number will increase by whatever amount they manage to raise on stage 350 of their ICO.

This is not only the longest ever ICO conducted but the amount raised by EOS has completely eclipsed the amount raised by any other ICO by significant amounts.

What Next For EOS?

With the EOS mainnet launch within the final 36 hours, it seems everyone is unsure what to expect with the project.

In recent news it was rumoured that Chinese cybersecurity firm, Qihoo 360, had found issues in the EOS software that could potentially result in a malicious attack that could result in losses of up to $100 million.

EOS have since come and and explained that most of these issues have been patched and they are working on the remaining errors, whilst assuring the vast EOS community that this will not affect the mainnet launch.

EOS has full support for the upcoming mainnet launch from all of the cryptocurrency exchanges. Once the mainnet is launched all of the ERC20 tokens will be swapped for EOS tokens supported on their own blockchain.

In terms of the price it is very difficult to say what will happen, however,  a big price increase is likely. Provided there are no hiccups or security issues once the mainnet does go live. The EOS community has been working away on this project for some time now and the mainnet is quite possibly the most highly anticipated mainnet launch to date. We can expect that a number of projects will then begin to launch running on the EOS blockchain and this is likely to have a further positive impact on the price of EOS.

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