Fintech Investment Firm Finlab AG and Block.One Join for EOS Development

In an announcement made earlier this week, Fintech investment giant FinLab AG and EOS.IO developer Block.One shared their intention to collaborate on a high value venture together.

The companies will be coming together to form a new fund worth $100 million that will be utilized to make investments in projects that intend to use the EOS.IO blockchain platform within their operations.

The fund will be managed by FinLab, and will focus on projects throughout Europe to accelerate the adoption of the EOS.IO platform within the region.

This is a part of Block.One’s follow through on its intention to invest $1 billion with venture capital firms that would provide funding to startups on a certain condition.

eos is leaving no stone unturned to increase the adoption of its platform

The move is one of many recent announcements from Block.One and its EOS VC program, which focuses on increasing EOS.IO adoption by providing funding for companies that intend to use the platform in return for investment.

By following this quid pro quo arrangement, EOS.IO has recently been adopted by several startups, while Block.One and EOS VC have themselves formed partnerships to enhance their reach towards such companies.

One such partnership was where Block.One and EOS VC  partnered  with Tomorrow Blockchain Opportunities, a special fund that is managed by TomorrowVentures, a venture capital company.

Another notable alliance came in the form of Galaxy Digital, a digital asset merchant bank that is headed by Mike Novogratz.

By forming these partnerships, Block.One intends to incentivize the usage of EOS.IO in order to establish the platform as an industry wide blockchain solution.

EOS Finlab and EOS blockchain investment

The EOS Finlab partnership and the developments that continue to arise from this decision will be important because it will help to unlock the potential true value of EOS.  Investors will be able to watch and see, over the course of the year as the EOS system proves itself, if it really is better in terms of scalability, capacity, and speed over prior existing platforms like Ethereum. It seems as though EOS is making all the right moves as it takes in and is hosting interesting projects like wikipedia competitor, Everipedia . 

Being able to make strategic investments like they have done with Everipedia provide much more value for investors, as investors are able to see more potential returns on their investment. For example, investors who are currently holding the EOS token will be able to automatically take part in the Everipedia token airdrop that is to take place this summer. If Everipedia does well, something that EOS has a vested interest in, investors will be rewarded in multiple ways.

The competition in cryptocurrency is definitely present and EOS seems like a project to watch.


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