Why EOS Could Boom, A List of All Current EOS dApps

With the EOS mainnet launch due within the next 2 hours, we wanted to give you guys a quick heads up as to why EOS could increase even more than it has done in the last 24 hours. EOS has a number of current working dApps already on their platform, meaning that the ecosystem will immediately have working products on their system. In total there is 32, we are only going to include 10 of these. But this will inform you about all of the current EOS dApps before the mainnet launch. The list below is taken from an article by EOStribe but we wanted to share this with you to see the full article, click the link below and be sure to give them a follow on Twitter.

See the full list in this article published by EOStribe

Current EOS dApps

Billionaire Token – Decentralized games on the blockchain such as raffle & burner, dice, and hold’em. The token is deflationary and tokens will be burned every week during the raffle.

Chaince – A blockchain asset trading platform focused on EOS projects.

Emanate – A music-technology platform for collaboration among artists. Powered with smart-contracts, emanate allows artists to monetize their collaborations.

EOXCommerce – A decentralized e-commerce platform that allows EOS based cryptocurrency and crypto-assets to be spent.

EOSfinex – The world’s first high performance decentralized exchange built by Bitfinex.

EOS Gems – A collectible gem game on the EOS blockchain.

IRYO – Decentralized medical data where patients have control over who can access it and can take it with them.

Onepay – Point of sale (POS) system which will allow companies to easily accept cryptocurrencies through the use of a dApp.

Tokena – The First EOS based decentralized exchange. Although there is currently another which is claiming to be the first as well

Trade Stuff – An efficient, decentralized barter ecosystem built on the EOS blockchain.

Current EOS dApps



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