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What Is EOS?

EOS is a type of blockchain based technology presented by block.one, and will be similar to
EOS was founded by Dan Larrimer, a notable creator in the cryptocurrency space, as he has
founded or co founded several projects like Steem and Bitshares.
EOS seems like it is designing itself to be a better Ethereum as it is seeking to enable the use of
smart contracts in a much more powerful way.
The platform seeks to support decentralized commercial applications and they seek to provide
businesses with a simple solution to build and keep going. Businesses will be able to access the
full functionality of the EOS platform providing a simple way for business to build blockchain
EOS uses the language of Web Assembly to increase the performance of their engine. They
seek to be able to have the infrastructure to deploy large ICO’s without having congestion within
their network.

Benefits of EOS

The package that EOS is presenting to companies consist of scalability, flexibility and usability.
In the aspect of scalability, the platform is designed to support thousands of commercial scale
decentralized applications and separation of authentication from execution. The platform is
supposed to be able to support millions of transactions per second.
The platform provides for flexibility, where one can freeze and fix broken applications. It allows
for the provision of a generalized role-based permissions and is written in web assembly.
The last benefit is that of usability. In EOS, one can access a web toolkit for interface
development, have self describing interfaces and self describing database schemes.

What are the features of the EOS platform?

The team at EOS is designing the ownership model in a manner where there
would not be a need for transaction fees. In this ownership model, users own
and possess the right to access resources in proportion to their stake, rather than
having to incur fees for every transaction.
EOS will use the delegated proof-of-stake consensus model, a dpos will allow for
lesser energy consumption and for a faster and more decentralized model. This sort
of mechanism also allows for the fixing of bugs and the ability to rollback changes.

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