The bitGuru investment fund is here…

Cryptocurrency is an extremely exciting prospect, for many reasons: Investors, companies, businesses, governments and many more will inevitably benefit from blockchain technology at some point in the near future. Right now cryptocurrencies are potentially most exciting for investors. The prospect of making huge returns is now a reality for everybody with access to the internet, not just the ultra wealthy.

ICO’s have so far generated huge returns for many all around the world, and this is only just the beginning!

The bitGuru investment fund allows you to follow our ICO investments, to get an idea of some the crypto-projects that may be worth investing in.

What is the bitGuru investment fund?

We have many people asking us via email or social media which coins or projects we personally invest in, while we don’t want to be seen as giving advice, we do want to be able to share with everyone which upcoming projects we will be investing in.

The bitGuru investment fund is our personal fund which we have allocated a set amount aside, this fund will be invested specifically into ICO’s. This means that the projects are going to be new startups and it gives us a chance to research them and also play a part in the advancement of these new projects.

We will be sharing our progress through our official telegram announcements channel. However, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to follow our progress.

Therefore we will have page on our site dedicated to sharing a daily screenshot of our portfolio, we will also share photos on our Twitter and via our Facebook group. The announcements 0f which ICO’s we invest in will be specifically announced via Telegram.

How much is the bitGuru investment fund going to start with?

The bitGuru investment fund will begin with $10,000, we plan to invest the fund gradually into ICO’s and will potentially look to spread the fund across 5/6 ICO’s which we think have the best chance at a maximum potential return.

We want everyone to be able to follow our fund for free so that you can get an idea on what works or doesn’t work for us. You will be able to let us know your feedback through our various social media channels. So come and join us and feel free to join in with our investments. We will see you all on the moon.


In no way is the investment advice! While you are free to copy our investments, it is important to remember that the value may go down as well as up. You could lose all of you initial investment, so could we. We are prepared to take that risk, if you are not, then do NOT invest.




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