bitGuru Live Investment Fund – Second Investment, QuarkChain

Just a quick update on the Cryptocurrency investment fund. We let you guys know about the 3 best upcoming ICO’s recently. QuarkChain was one of the projects we were intending on investing in. Unfortunately we were not selected for the ICO to purchase QKC tokens at what seems a steal off a price at $0.019. We have still decided to invest in QuarkChain as it looks a great project, we just had to pay a much higher price.

See our article on – What is QuarkChain?

We managed to purchase QKC at $0.20 and purchased 10,000 costing us a total of $2,000. The price has fluctuated between $0.18 and $0.26 throughout the day, so we got in at the lower end of the scale. Binance announced they would be listing QuarkChain not long after the ICO concluded which came as huge news. However, they ended up suspending trading temporarily as there was not enough deposits of QKC to go ahed with trading.

QuarkChain was however listed on a number of other exchanges including KuCoin, and LBank.

Just a quick update on the overall portfolio to see our portfolio live join our Telegram group where we will be sharing details of our next investments.


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