Track Our Live Investment Fund – First Investment: Hero Node

We have made our first investment. We invested in the Hero Node ICO, this ICO has mixed reviews across the board. We were fortunately accepted onto the whitelist and therefore had an opportunity to get in early with this investment.

What is Hero Node?

Hero Node is a next generation decentralized Blockchain fog computing platform. This is quite a technical project and while they are probably not going to provide any benefit to everyday users and investors this could be an extremely helpful project for developers. Hero Node is what is known as a Blockchain As A Service (BAAS) platform. They’re effectively looking to allow developers to build dApps via a single and easy to use code which will allow them to utilise features from multiple different blockchains: ETH, Qtum, IPFS etc.
Hero Node utilises the Hero protocol to intergrate different public blockchains and build a cross-blockchain, cross-platform development solution for DApps. Hero Node will also build a fully decentralized node network which contains multiple kinds of public chain and IPFS storage to support fully decentralized applications.
Hero Node identify a number of issues in their whitepaper; the issues in the diversity of coding languages. The issue is that most developers are only highly skilled in one coding language. Therefore as a result of this they generally need to choose a blockchain platform based on the programming language rather than the features of the blockchain itself. This can often lead to issues in the project or the project not operating to maximum potential.
Another common issue is the ability to be able to develop a dApp for a mobile device. Given that mobile devices are generally iOS or Android, designing an application which utilises blockchain for one of these operating systems still remains a large barrier.
Current blockchain applications, which have been developed so far generally require users to negotiate with the smart contract itself or require some for of plugin. All of this negatively affects the user experience and prevents blockchain technology being adopted by the masses.
Hero Node is looking to solve all of these issues as well as building a super node network.
Rather than go into it in great detail you can read through it on their whitepaper as it is a very technical project. This project does come with some major risks from an investment point of view as a result of this.
Hero Node is uniquely to be understood by the majority of investors (us included) but if Hero Node is successful and they manage to accomplish what they are setting out to do then Heres Node would be revolutionary for the entire blockchain community. The token sale sold out very fast and you are able to buy Hero Node on IDEX now at slightly below the ICO price.
Total investment – $1,000
HER Tokens – 29,880.24
Hero Node website
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