Interactive Blockchain Workshop Training Courses by bitGuru

Interactive blockchain workshop

Our interactive blockchain training workshops allow for a fully immersed way of learning about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. With an experienced tutor on hand guiding you through the course and answering any questions you have.

Our workshops are the perfect way of training full teams and ensuring everyone has a full understanding of blockchain technology and how they can use it to improve the business.

Depending upon the needs of your business and the level of amount of information your team needs to be able to use blockchain technology to your benefit. The table below breaks down the different packages:



Bitcoin Basics

Sending & Recieving

Wallet Creation + Staying Safe

Understanding Blockchain

Buying/Selling & Trading

Hard/Soft Forks

Fraud Prevention

Other Cryptocurrencies

Smart Contracts

Creating/Usiing Smart Contracts 


From £99

Per person


From £199

Per person


From £499

per person