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IOTA is a decentralized form of distributed ledger which doesn’t use a blockchain. Instead they use a technology called the Tangle, which is a third generation distributed ledger technology (DLT), which will be powered by machines all over the world known as the Internet of Things (IoT). IOTA news updates are being release on an almost daily basis, as the list of IOTA partnerships grows and brands announce they’re working with and actively testing the technology.

Here you will find all the latest IOTA news and IOTA price news. Here at bitGuru we aim to keep you up to date with the most relevant cryptocurrency news, IOTA news and IOTA price news.

Latest IOTA News:

  • Qubic is The Future of Crypto | What is Qubic?

Qubic is The Future of Crypto | What is Qubic?

IOTA is an ambitious project aiming to connect the world of electronic devices knows as the internet of things (IoT).“The backbone of IOT is here” boasts their official website, “Scalable, Decentralized, Modular, No Fees”. IOTA is [...]

  • Volkswagen IOTA partnership proof of concept

Volkswagen IOTA Partnership – Proof of Concept

IOTA are not short of some big name partnerships. One of the most notable IOTA partnerships is the Volkswagen IOTA partnership. Well in even bigger news, Johann Jungwirth, the Chief Digital Officer of Volkswagen [...]

  • 3 Best ICO's

The Upcoming 3 Best ICO’s To Invest In

As you may be aware we have recently started our bitGuru investment fund, which we have allocated $10,000 which will be invested mostly into ICO's and new blockchain startups. You can follow the progress of [...]

  • ddd

3 Of The Best Cryptocurrencies To Be HODLing in 2018

New cryptocurrencies are hitting the markets every day, and working out which ones to buy and hold is becoming even more challenging. There are so many projects fighting for your attention. 3 of the best [...]

  • Oyster ico - IOTA Tangle project silently generate website revenue

Take A Look At Oyster! Powered By The IOTA Tangle

Why are we talking about Oysters? Well, Oyster is a fairly new company that enables websites to silently generate traffic revenue as visitors perform Proof of Work for a decentralized storage ledger. Oyster was [...]