It seems that the frustrations between those who subscribe to the ideology and technology of Bitcoin and those that are more in line with that of the Bitcoin Cash and it’s technological structure continues to fester and escalate as time progresses. ‘Satoshi Lite‘, founder of Litecoin has added fuel to this fire with his recent comments on Twitter.

BCH History

Bitcoin Cash originally forked from the Bitcoin blockchain and went off on its own path on August 1st, 2017. When the Bitcoin Cash party decided to leave they conducted the hard fork, started and  continued on a new and different blockchain. One of the significant points of conflict was that Bitcoin was more in line with those who were subscribing to the notion that Bitcoin is an asset or a commodity like Gold instead of what it was originally intended to be, a peer to peer electronic cash system. Secondary objectives of these forking individuals are said to be that they wanted some larger block sizes, anti segwit characteristics, and lack of, or rather, the delayed launch of Segwit2x.

The frustrations seems to continue to grow as Roger Ver, asks why people are calling Bitcoin Cash, Bcash instead of BCH and those who are not in favor of Bitcoin Cash continue to mock it. Other forkers are throwing their hats into the ring and voicing their opinions as well.

One who has continued to grab headlines in various regards has been Satoshi lite or Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin.

Recently, the website run by Roger Ver, a prior proponent of Bitcoin until the fork in which he started to back Bitcoin Cash, announced that they have now made a seamless integration with the Shapeshift organization, making it simple for one to quickly change their Bitcoin into Bitcoin Cash without coins departing from the wallet. The integration with shapeshift would make it to where users who use the could potentially benefit.

BCH Camp trying to revise history?

The issue is that it seems like the BCH camp is seeking to re-write history, sometimes giving off the impression that they were the originators and Bitcoin was the bi-product of the fork. Furthermore, the Bitcoin Cash camp continues to lower the stature of Bitcoin in another way by simply calling it Bitcoin core, as if it is simply just another cryptocurrency network as opposed to one that plays a more integral role in the emerging industry.

Integral parties in the industry like Coinbase , Shapeshift and other’s are not backing the revision of history, as this could have negative impact on them as well.

Others have also noted how Bitcoin Cash might have colluded with CNBC’s fast money and how controversial figure, Roger Ver continues to re-label “bitcoin core” when mentioning Bitcoin.

SatoshiLite speaks on the matter

Charlie Lee commented on the hypocrisy and the confusion that is being perpetuated by Roger Ver and the BCH camp.

Charlie Lee [LTC]


Roger @rogerkver, please stop calling Bitcoin, Bitcoin Core. No one else does this. Both  website and mobile wallet are misleading new users with this bullshit. And it is especially hypocritical coming from you seeing how upset you are with the name bcash. …

He continued on this vein, stating:

The flippening (ETH>BTC) will never happen. But the flappening (LTC>BCH) will happen this year. .”

This statement also comes as different happenings are occurring with litecoin, like Litepay and Litepal.

Does Litecoin truly have the technical chops and the community support to surpass Bitcoin Cash price point and use cases?

Possibly, time will tell on adoption and use of the currency.