Crypto Facilites is a UK based cryptocurrency exchange, offering a range of cryptocurrency trading facilities including indices. Crypto Facilities are fully regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and partnered with CME back in May 2018, when they launched a ether reference rate and a real-time ether-dollar index. Well now Crypto Facilities have announced they will be adding Litecoin Futures to their range of products.

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Litecoin Futures

Crypto Facilites made the announcement on 20th June, 2018 via their official website, in which they will be adding Litecoin futures to their range of  crypto products.

The new U.S. dollar-denominated service will go live on 22nd June, 2018. The Litecoin futures will allow investors to long or short Litecoin via a futures contract with weekly, monthly or quarterly maturity dates.

The Crypto Facilities Litecoin-Dollar futures contract will enable market participants to go long or short the cryptocurrency, allowing them to express sentiment and manage risk more effectively. – Crypto Facilities

Timo Schlaefer, CEO of Crypto Facilities, announced that the decision to ass Litecoin futures was due to “strong client demand”, stating “LTC-Dollar futures contracts will increase price transparency, liquidity and efficiency in the cryptocurrency markets.” It appears Charlie Lee, CEO of Litecoin also agreed;

Litecoin futures will open up LTC trading to more institutional investors. This will add to the liquidity of Litecoin and make it easier for people to get in and out of Litecoin.

Crypto Facilities

Crypto Facilities is a UK based cryptocurrency trading platform for professionals, offering both individuals and institutions fully regulated secure trading all year round

“The firm is also a leading index provider, calculating and administering the CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate and Real Time Index powering the CME Group’s Bitcoin Futures and the CME CF Ether-Dollar Reference Rate and Real Time Index.”

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