Another day, another accomplishment. At least, this is what the case is for these altcoin cryptocurrencies. According to a recent tweet by Lily Katz, a journalist who works at Bloomberg, Ripple will be joining Ethereum and Litecoin as being listed on Bloomberg Terminals.

The reason why these altcoins joining the Bloomberg Terminal is solid development is because it is seen as an asset or commodity to track, something that has merit and is deemed worthy by the marketplace. Enough so that Bloomberg feels that it would serve all parties best if it kept up with them on a daily basis.

The coins will be added to their terminals where their benchmark price tracker will provide up to date information on the price moves of each cryptocurrency. This news was embraced by the marketplace as it sent XRP to higher levels, allowing it to reach a price point of 0.90 per individual unit of currency. This means that the currency has progressed to reaching over a 200% gain over the past few days.

XRP continues to shine with the many developments pushed forth by the Ripple team on a regular basis.

Altcoin Growth

It seems that as investors are finding out more about the crypto world, they learn that there is more to life than bitcoin. They’ve also learned that there’s litecoin, Ripple, ethereum, and much more virtual currencies that life has to offer. All they have to do is slowly invest in them and see where it takes them.

Now, we’ve seen the price of Ether increase rather rapidly over the past week, we’ve seen Ripple shoot up on news, and we’ve seen litecoin increase several fold to now be sitting at a comfortable number of $320.45, at the time of this writing.

It wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t mention Dash, which has also seen its price grow over the past few months. It started out worth under a dollar earlier this year and is now sitting at $902.77 per coin. Not a bad return for those investors that placed their bets on the coin earlier this year. Monero also has seen its increase in prices over the past few weeks as well.

It is important to understand what each project and related coin is bringing to the table and why they are relevant so one can invest comfortably. We are also going to be experiencing an increase in other deployments like Super Bitcoin, Bitcoin Platinum, Bitcoin God and Bitcoin Cash Plus that are expected to arrive this year or early next year.


This does beg the question, what do the prospects of a significant increase in the price increase of bitcoin look like? Will investors diversify with these altcoins or will they continue to invest with bitcoin and HODL long term helping to push the growth of bitcoin even more? This and other questions are what may be on the minds of investors as they seek to make the right investment decisions. It comes down to this question. Will Bitcoin continue to be seen as the currency that will play the role of store of value and will that be the consensus that drives it? Making it the equivalent of a blue-chip stock, where it will reach a certain price level, around $90,000 – $100,000 per virtual coin and then balance out at that range?