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Neo, formerly known as Antshares until a re-branding in June 2017 is the first open source public blockchain developed in China. They had the first phase of their ICO back in 2015 and the second phase in late 2016, in total raising over 8000 Bitcoin and securing a partnership with Microsoft.
Dr Hongfei, the creator of Antshares, now NEO, is also the CEO of Onchain; which is an open source international blockchain which effectively allows different blockchains’ to interact with each other whether they are public, private or consortium.

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Latest NEO News:

Switcheo To List OPEN Once Support For ERC20 Tokens Is Complete

Switcheo have announced that they will be listing OPEN on their exchange once they have finished the highly anticipated Callisto update. Switcheo is decentralised exchange which currently runs on the NEO blockchain, allowing users to [...]

  • Switch v NEX: NEP5 DEX review

Switcheo v NEX – NEP5 DEX Review

This year has seen the rise of NEP5 tokens, with a number of exciting projects launching on the NEO blockchain. It is exciting times for NEO and NEP5 investors given the hype [...]

  • NEO community developments

Top 5 NEO Community Developments To Look Out For In Q4 2018

NEO has has a stellar year throughout 2018 in terms of development of the NEO ecosystem. Despite the price falling sharply along with the rest of the cryptocurrency market, the future looks very positive for [...]

  • what is neo name service who are new Econo lab NNC airdrop

The Multiple Use Cases Of Neo Name Service’s NNC Token

Neo Name Service (NNS) is  a decentralised domain name service which will run on the NEO blockchain. In short Neo Name Service will allow users to assign a .neo domain as an alias for their [...]

  • Domain Names Are Crucial For Mass Adoption

Domain Names Are Crucial For Mass Adoption

Domain names will make using and sending cryptocurrencies much easier, just like when you use a .com site or any other domain for a website, this same technology will soon be applied to cryptocurrency platform [...]

  • coinbase index fund

Coinbase Custody Planning Support For 40 Cryptocurrencies

Coinbase have recently announced their plans to add custody support for 40 cryptocurrencies, including, XRP, NEO, Ontology and many other major cryptocurrencies. Coinbase  is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. They [...]

  • NEO Antshares rebrand ico price

NEO ICO Price – Antshares ICO Price – NEO News

Before they re-branded in 2017 to NEO, the project was called Antshares. The organisation behind the project believed that the name Antshares did not fully encapsulate the vision behind what they wanted to accomplish. The [...]

  • Official Announced: Switcheo Partnership With O3 Labs

Official Announcement: Switcheo Partnership With O3 Labs

Switcheo have emerged as an important part of the NEO smart economy, the decentralised exchange allows users to buy and sell NEP5 tokens easily and securely. In a recent update it has been announced a [...]

  • Top 3 Upcoming NEP5 tokens: Best NEO projects

Top 3 Upcoming NEP5 tokens: Best NEO projects

There has been a large amount of hype about the rise of the NEP5 tokens, While the majority of the cryptocurrency market has been on somewhat of a huge downtrend throughout 2018… A number of [...]

bitGuru Investment Fund Update – Neo Name Service

Just a quick update on our portfolio... You may or may not be aware of the upcoming NNC airdrop by Neo Name Service. Well this is likely to be our next investment. What is Neo [...]

  • scam nnc airdrop nns neweconolab

SCAM ALERT! Fake Neon Wallet Posing as NewEconoLab

In the cryptocurrency world, scams are one of the major issues we need to contend with. The most recent scam that has surfaced is a fake 'neon wallet'. This recent scam is using the upcoming [...]

  • what is neo name service who are new Econo lab NNC airdrop

What is Neo Name Service & NNC Airdrop To NEO Holder

If you are reading this you are either interested in learning about another great NEP5 project, or you want to find out how you can get free coins via the NNC airdrop. Either way, [...]

  • 3 Best ICO's

The Upcoming 3 Best ICO’s To Invest In

As you may be aware we have recently started our bitGuru investment fund, which we have allocated $10,000 which will be invested mostly into ICO's and new blockchain startups. You can follow the progress of [...]

  • NEO & Ontology Partneship

NEOLOGY!!! NEO & Ontology Partnership

NEO is beginning to feature in the news a lot throughout 2018. After an incredible year for NEO in 2017, we are beginning to see a number of NEO based projects. These projects are known [...]

  • ddd

3 Of The Best Cryptocurrencies To Be HODLing in 2018

New cryptocurrencies are hitting the markets every day, and working out which ones to buy and hold is becoming even more challenging. There are so many projects fighting for your attention. 3 of the best [...]

  • Switcheo Exchange v2.0

Switcheo Announce Switcheo Exchange v2.0

If you have been following us over the last few months you will know we have reported about a brand new decentralised exchange which launched recently called Switcheo. Switche is part of what can only [...]

  • Chinese Government-Backed Data Consortium Partners with NEP5 Blockchain Platform APEX

Chinese Government-Backed Data Consortium Partners with NEP5 Blockchain Platform APEX

In what could turn out to be one of the biggest developments this year so far, Apex the Chinese based blockchain platform, have announced a partnership with Shanghai Data Exchange, a government-backed data consortium! Shanghai [...]

  • NEO community developments

Top 5 Most Profitable NEP5 Tokens So Far

Earlier on in the year we wrote about the rise of NEP5 tokens, as more NEP5 tokens are launching there is a greater than ever excitement about NEO, and the projects being launched on their [...]

  • what is switcheo?

What is Switcheo?

If you are a cryptocurrency investor, trader or are just looking to enter into the crypto markets', then you will know the struggles of searching through the markets looking for the next big investment. If [...]

  • NEP5 token what is an NEP5 token

Next NEO ATH Price 2018 Prediction

One things for certain in the crypto world, nobody knows what the price will be tomorrow. Predictions are pretty much impossible to make accurately, a fact proved true last year when the Bitcoin price smashed [...]

  • NEP5 tokens upcoming NEP5 projects

NEP5 Tokens to Look Out For – Upcoming NEP5 Projects

There has been a large amount of hype about the rise of the NEP5 tokens, While the majority of the cryptocurrency market has been on somewhat of a huge downtrend throughout 2018... A number of [...]

  • NEP5 token what is an NEP5 token

The Rise of NEP5 Tokens

In a short space of time NEO has proven itself to be one of the top cryptocurrency projects in the world, NEO serves as a smart asset platform. Similar to Ethereum they use blockchain technology to provide the [...]

The Token Sale to Watch: Details on NEX ICO

We have all heard multiple incidents of stolen cryptocurrencies that were lost to hacking attempts. The incidents seem to be more profound when the very cryptocurrency exchanges that are supposed to secure these digital assets [...]

  • What is Neo NEO price antshares What is GAS gas price where to buy gas

eToro Adds NEO to Its List of Cryptocurrencies

In today’s day and age of fast-paced cryptocurrency trading, any update that makes life easier for the everyday user and trader is welcomed. That is why, the recent announcement by eToro about adding NEO to [...]

  • NEO VS ETH FOR 22018

NEO VS Ethereum, Where Should Your Money Go in 2018?

The NEO VS Ethereum debate has been raging on for some time now, and it is unfortunate that nobody has deemed it fit to do justice to the argument. For one, there seems to be [...]

  • NEP5 token what is an NEP5 token

Where To Store NEO? NEO Hardware Wallet Storage Now Available

We last reported on this back in October 2017 and at the time there were no available methods for storing NEO in a hardware wallet.  Where to Store NEO? Fortunately though, developers have been working [...]

  • NEP5 token what is an NEP5 token

An Update on NEO Coin

NEO Coin Update & Price What is NEO Coin? Possibly one of the best performing cryptocurrencies we've seen so far, NEO was born mid 2016. They launched under the name AntShares, offering two [...]

  • NEP5 token what is an NEP5 token


Understandably, there isn't much support in terms of private offline wallets when it comes to NEO. The vast majority of exchanges support NEO trading, however for those security conscious, which is probably everyone, storing your [...]