Before they re-branded in 2017 to NEO, the project was called Antshares. The organisation behind the project believed that the name Antshares did not fully encapsulate the vision behind what they wanted to accomplish. The new name, NEO means newness, novelty and youth in Greek.

In total, 100 million NEO were created in the Genesis Block. 50 million NEO were sold to early adopters in the Antshares ICO, with the rest of the 50 million NEO locked into a smart contract. Every year, 15 million NEO tokens are released from the smart contract in order to fund the further development of the NEO platform.

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The NEO ICO ran in two phases, beginning in 2015 for private investors. When NEO (formerly Antshares) was in it’s second ICO phase back in 2016, the tokens were available for the public to purchase. The NEO ICO price was just $0.036.

At the current price (July 13th 2018) of $33, a $100 investment into the Antshares (NEO) ICO, would now be worth over $91,000!

At the current all time high price of $162 back in January 2018, the value of your $100 investment would have peaked at over $450,000!

That’s some serious profit! Of course there are hundreds to choose from and with sometimes just a basic website to judge by, it’s hard to tell which ones are worth investing in.

Take a look at our ICO page for some inspiration, but do your research before making any investments!

More about NEO

NEO serves as a smart asset platform, which is defined as a combination of smart contracts and digital assets, Using blockchain technology, they digitize a variety of real-world assets and allow for peer to peer trading this removes the need for a trusted 3rd party, as well as making trades traceable and highly transparent.

In simple terms, they allow third party organisations to build decentalized applications and utility tokens which run on the NEO blockchain.

When an organisation has created a token on the NEO blockchain, they usually offer some of them to public investors in order to raise capital to fund the proposed project.

The most commonly used NEO token type is an NEP5 token. There are many recently ended coin offerings for NEP5 tokens, as well as many upcoming ones which you can participate in. Upcoming NEP5 Token sales.

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