NEP5 Tokens to Look Out For – Upcoming NEP5 Projects

There has been a large amount of hype about the rise of the NEP5 tokens, While the majority of the cryptocurrency market has been on somewhat of a huge downtrend throughout 2018… A number of NEP5 projects have been heading in the opposite direction, and investors have seen some very nice returns already. To date there have been just 19 NEP5 tokens released the most profitable so far being Ontology. We can expect to see a number of NEP5 projects and new NEP5 tokens coming to exchanges in the next few months. This article will outline some NEP5 projects to look out for in 2018 as well as some upcoming NEP5 projects which are yet to have their pre-sale

Disclaimer – This article in now way constitutes investment advice and anyone looking to invest should do so at their own risk and make sure to do your own research

NEP5 tokens to look out for

The following are NEP5 projects which have completed their pre sale and underway with their projects… although the tokens are not yet listed on exchanges they are certainly NEP5 tokens to look out for as soon as they are listed.

Switcheo (SWH)

Switcheo is the first ever Decentralized Exchange (DEX) to run on the NEO blockchain. Switcheo facilitates users looking to exchange NEO/GAS and NEP5 tokens directly from their NEO wallet. The trading pairs between the various NEP5 tokens are NEO, GAS and SWH. The Switcheo mainnet  was officially launched at the end of March 2018 a few weeks after they completed their ICO. One of the main selling points for Switcheo is the fact they had a working product whilst the ICO was ongoing.

With Switcheo, users are able to exchange all NEP5 tokens as soon as the ICO finishes meaning demand can be created and market prices determined amongst NEP5 tokens immediately. In quarter 3 of 2018 Switcheo will be looking to add support for ERC20 tokens so all in all the project looks like an exciting one if they can gain a large user base.

The main feedback the Switcheo team have had so far, is the need to upgrade user interface. However, they have announced that they are focusing a lot of their time to improving the overall user experience on their exchange.

Switcheo – Official site

Apex (CPX)

The goal of Apex Network is to use blockchain technology to pass ownership of data back to consumers. Apex will enable deeper relationships between businesses and consumers, increase marketing effectiveness whilst also increasing consumer loyalty and customer experience, at the same time as maximising value obtained by the consumer in all B2C interactions.

The best way to describe the current data ecosystem is that it’s broken for both consumers and enterprises. For the consumer, data and the value generated via its use is typically completely out of control of the consumer, who by principle should hold data a sovereign asset and retain data own- ership. For the B2C enterprise, there’s a multitude of issues surrounding data transparency, quality, cost e ectiveness, and security, hindering the maximum potential of data-driven applications.

The Apex platform will not only solve a huge security issue in the data industry, it will also mean that data is not controlled and manipulated by huge organisations who use the data in order to profit further from their customers.

The CPX token will be the native token on the Apex platform and will be readily exchangeable for fiat currency through the Apex application. CPX is yet to be listed on any exchanges but can be purchased on the Switcheo exchange as it is an NEP5 token

Apex – Official site 

Trinity (TNC)

“Trinity acts as a lightning network for NEO in order to achieve real-time payments, low transaction fees, scalability, and privacy protection for NEO assets. Using state channel technology, Trinity will significantly increase blockchain throughput for NEP-5 token transfers.”

One of the major issues some of the more popular blockchain projects have had is scalability issues. Ethereum snd Bitcoin suffered these ongoing issues and while there are solutions that will look to solve these ongoing issues, Trinity aims to have the solution in place before any problems like this can occur on the NEO blockchain. Trinity will play a major role in the entire NEO smart economy that is being built.

Trinity will have four key features:

  • Private payment channel
  • Lightning Fast
  • Settlement Onchain
  • Open protocol

Once again TNC can be purchased on Switcheo exchange

Trinity – Official site

Upcoming NEP5 projects

This next section looks at some upcoming NEP5 projects which are yet to have their ICO and may well be worth checking out as an investment opportunity. However, remember to do your own research before investing.

Neon Exchange

Neon Exchange (NEX) will be a next generation Decentralized exchange (DEX) to run on the  NEO blockchain. NEX will allow for complex trades across multiple blockchains including NEO and Ethereum which do not currently exist on other exchanges. Using an off-chain matching engine NEX will be able to handle huge amounts of trading volume.

NEX will also offer a payment service and they have already developed their own chrome web extension. The web extension allows users to coordinate between their NEO wallet, the NEX exchange and dApps seamlessly with a high level of security.

The registration for the NEX lottery has expired and token sale is due to launch in the last half of April 2018 but this is a project well worth watching.

Neon Exchange – Official site



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