Next NEO ATH Price 2018 Prediction

One things for certain in the crypto world, nobody knows what the price will be tomorrow.

Predictions are pretty much impossible to make accurately, a fact proved true last year when the Bitcoin price smashed all predictions and almost broke $20,000.

Mid way through the year, the question was ‘will Bitcoin hit $5k’, and the majority were doubtful.

But when it went on to break all expectations, we now know that anything really is possible.

ATH Date Predictions

There are 2 main types of cryptocurrency investors. HODLers and traders.

HODLing is easy, you just hold your crypto and never ever sell. After seeing the insanse price decreases which follow record highs however, those who HODLed through the 2018 crypto crash may be looking for a point at which to cash out at in order to buy back in when the ‘inevitable’ dip comes around again.

How can we predict the ATH

When a bull run is in progress, adrenaline is pumping and you can convince yourself that there’s no stopping it. You may also be of the opinion that it cannot possibly go higher, and you end up selling early.

If however, we look at the past dates, the markets seem to follow a familiar pattern. It may seem obvious, but it could really help protect your crypto holdings.

If we look back over the NEO price for example, the pattern is scarily predictable. Every time the price spikes, it tops out at roughly 6 times the price before it started pumping. This marks the ATH price and the price then starts to fall again. It’s happened every time NEO has hit a new ATH.

Could we use this information to predict the next NEO ATH price? If so, we can expect a figure of around $300 USD before falling again. The price may and probably will go higher than $300, but at that price we can expect some major sell offs to start happening and it may be a good idea to at least take some profit in anticipation for the dip.

The inevitable thing about cryptocurrency, no matter how wonderfully brilliant they are, no matter how much they are going to change our lives in the future, the prices will go up and they will fall down after. It’s a fact of life.

Upcoming NEP5 Tokens

How low can we go?

In the past for NEO, after the high, the price returns to around 2x that of it’s pre-pump price. The next bull run we can expect to buy back in after the $300 high for around $120, possibly even dropping as low as $80.

Take a look at the chart below:

NEO Price chart

When will NEO hit it’s next ATH:

When the next NEO bull run will occur is hard to say, but the last 2 ATH prices were around 5 months apart. We’re now 4 months past the most recent ATH, so we’re anticipating the next bull run to begin very soon!

Of course we may be wrong, and NEO may never reach it’s previous highs again, but as the project has such a great reputation in the crypto community, the likelihood of the price continuing to rise far outweighs the possibility of it crashing.

The Rise Of The NEP5 Tokens

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