You may have been aware that Switcheo has formed a partnership with O3 Labs in which they were planning to integrate the decentralised exchange into the mobile NEO wallet by O3. Well O3 labs have just released the update for the O3 Wallet V2 app which now has Switcheo trading integrated into it. Meaning you can now buy and sell tokens directly from your O3 wallet on your mobile device.

The update comes just a few weeks after Switcheo launched their exchange v2.0 which I myself was fortunate enough to be invited to test the beta version. The Switcheo v2.0 included a number of features which seem to have been related to allowing the exchange top be integrated into the o3 wallet, including a much sleeker mobile trading UI.

O3 Wallet V2

O3 announced the news earlier today, stating the following:

Today we released the long awaited V2 of O3 wallet for iOS and Android, and we are super excited to share it with you all. We have been grinding hard to get some awesome new features packed into the product and give her a fresh coat of paint.

The O3 V2 wallet is available on both IOS and Android, and included; a brand new interfaced which is assisted by a “robot assistant” known as Luna, who will help you get to learn the new look app. The biggest announcement was by far the integration of the Switcheo decentralised exchange, as the O3 wallet is “the first wallet app on the NEO platform to offer ‘direct from wallet’ decentralized trading.”

After partnering with Switcheo they also announced they are already working on “phase 2” which is going to be an even more “seamless way to trade with O3”.

The first release of decentralized trading in O3 is using our new dApp browser. It allows third parties to access and interact with a users O3 wallet, in a safe way, to sign transactions, get info and do all sorts of other awesome stuff. While we only have one app available now, we are planning to start building out all sorts of cool stuff over the next few months.


This is their first dApp but O3 have promised that they will building “all sorts of cool stuff over the next few months”. We have no further information just yet in what they’re working on, but we know this is a huge move for both O3 and Switcheo. Switcheo is becoming one of the biggest decentralised exchanges in the world and O3 is quickly emerging as one of the top NEO/NEP5 wallets.

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