Progress Report – How Far Along Is the NEO Project NNS?

Those following the NEO space would be familiar to the name of NNS by now.

An ambitious project that in its simplest explanation wants to be the “” or “” of the blockchain world, the address shortener platform is being sought after by many due to the capabilities that it promises to its potential users.

The project is currently in progress. According to the official release date, it should be fully available in the first quarter of 2019.

As this is such a highly anticipated project we wanted to provide a in-depth insight of the project, including what they have achieved so far and what is still to come.

Fortunately we can actually track its progress by its bi-weekly updates and the comments provided by the testers. Cross verify these updates with the expected performance and roadmap that it has on its site, and voila! You have a transparent record of the project’s progress.

This is of course an intentional effort by the project to keep its own progress in check by its stakeholders and interested potential users, which is a very good approach in order to build trust and credibility among its target market.

The First Quarter of 2018, January – March

The expectations of the company were to officially publish the NNS technical whitepaper and to finish the technical principle test and verification.

From what we saw, the first quarter was mostly spent working on the proper paperwork for the project, where it went on to contain an open description and information of the NNS. Some alpha testing was executed for the site, which proved to be successful, leading to the site being published.

The Second Quarter of 2018, April – June

In this quarter, the project intended to launch testnet-based Domain Name Browser V1 and to issue the NNC testnet. Not only those goals were met with aplomb but with a month to the deadline, with the project executing both actions by the month of May.

Even going ahead of the schedule, the testing site got so much traction that it filled the maximum capacity of public registration within 3 days of its launch. It was a surprise even for the developers, and it just went on to show the hype that the project had garnered due to its promising solutions. Within this quarter, the NNS team also managed to launch the second version of their test-based domain, just in line with their schedule.

The Third Quarter of 2018, July – September

In the current quarter, the team is aiming to issue NNC on mainnet, along with deploying NNS contracts on the mainnet and open up ending in “. neo“ domain name.

This is by far the biggest quarter for the project, with all the complex tasks being scheduled for this crucial timeline. This is where the path of this project is going to be defined.

From what we can see over social media, the team is working overtime to accomplish its goals especially the ultimate objective of this quarter to show some kind of tangible progress. While the mainnet is still being worked on at the time of writing, the team achieved some sort of advancement by opening new registrations and showing interested users how its tokens and wallets will work through airdrops.

The team also started with the long awaited function of “name.neo”. This function was available in an “auction” type of system which is not the ideal setting, but it was just to show how the name mechanism worked in the real world. Another purpose was to check if there was any issues with the testing, in which case they could be addressed.

Estimation for the Future

It is safe to say that the project has all the makings of a success. If the team keeps progressing the way everyone expects it to, then it would just be a matter of time before the project would be completed.

The team working for the NNS has been completely professional so far and seems to be working hard to achieve its goals within the said timeframe. The improvements have been massive so far, where the team has actually demonstrated the ability to achieve the purpose of the project and the execution of deliverable items from the roadmap without any complications.

Since the project has not shown any signs of a major delay, we can very well expect for the team to deliver all its items in a timely manner.

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