Understandably, there isn’t much support in terms of private offline wallets when it comes to NEO. The vast majority of exchanges support NEO trading, however for those security conscious, which is probably everyone, storing your cryptocurrency online is never recommended.

Formerly known as Antshares, NEO is a very new cryptocurrency as their ICO only begun little over a year ago. Whereas most of the cryptocurrencies in the top 10 by marketcap such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have been around for a few years, NEO is so new that offline & hardware wallet providers are scrambling to make their products NEO friendly.

Currently the only way to store NEO other than an online exchange is through the client on NEO.org. The client is available on desktop, web and Android mobiles currently. This is certainly the best way so far, and it allows users to earn NEO gas, but humans need choice, we like variety and one option is not good enough.

There is now speculation in the online community that development on the Ledger Nano S has begun to support NEO. Although this is not yet confirmed by either NEO or Ledger, we can all keep our fingers crossed that soon we will have support in the form of a hardware wallet.

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