We last reported on this back in October 2017 and at the time there were no available methods for storing NEO in a hardware wallet. 

Where to Store NEO?

Fortunately though, developers have been working hard and have now integrated NEO storage onto the Ledger Nano S! It’s good news for those who already own the hardware wallet, however excessive demand has caused a backlog of orders and shipping isn’t available until March!

When NEO is selected on the Nano S, a message displaying ‘wake up NEO’ was as far as functionality went. Now though you can download the usable wallet and store your NEO securely on your Nano S!

As you’ll already be aware if you have a Nano S already, you must download separate apps for it for each cryptocurrency you want to store. The client is ran through your computer, with the private keys being stored on the device. Now you can download the NEO client and run it with your device.

There’s a handy guide on the Ledger website – Click Here

This allows you to store NEO, GAS and any NEP 5 ICO tokens that you may have invested in. NEO Hardware Wallet support has long been anticipated and it’s a relief for investors.

Ledger recently announced that they raised $75 Million in funding to develop their operations. They’ll be using the funding to increase the product range, speed up orders and make more devices for their customers. More developments will soon be coming and the wallet will also soon be supporting more cryptocurrencies as time goes on.