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Dev Protocol Launched By Codementor, Will Help Developers To Build Reputations’ by Using Blockchain

The growing world of blockchain has brought about all kinds of different platforms. From specific blockchains dedicated to supply chain networks to platforms that are [...]

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Coinbase Receives E-Money License from UK, Becomes the First Cryptocurrency Exchange to Get a UK Bank Account

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the U.K. may have a chance to rejoice, since Coinbase, one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, [...]

Circle Launches New Cryptocurrency Trading App

Circle, a Goldman Sachs funded payment transfer company, recently announced the launch of its mobile app that allows its users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies [...]

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The Ethereum Community Conference Proposed The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians

The Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC), which was held in Paris last week, brought together some of the most passionate community members from the Ethereum blockchain [...]

Thanks to Xiaomi, CryptoKitties Get Their Own Knockoff In the Form of CryptoBunnies

The CryptoKitties craze had been at its high during December 2017, with TechCrunch reporting at the time that people had spent over $1.3 million buying [...]

  • playboy cryptocurrency

Playboy Will Accept Cryptocurrency Payments Through Its Own Wallet

When Hugh Hefner founded Playboy in 1953 with the $600 that he had at the time, he had not imagined that it would reach the [...]

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Huawei Working to Stress Test Blockchain Networks Through Project Caliper

With the plethora of new blockchain platforms and solutions popping up every other day, claiming to be the best in what they do and offering [...]

Former Brazilian Government Officials Involved in Bitcoin Money Laundering Scheme

Bitcoin has gotten involved in yet another scandal, with no doing of its own.   According to local news sources, former officials from the government [...]


Loom Network to help resolve Ethereum scaling issues

Today seems to be a day of scale, a potential leveling up across the board for both of the leading cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. As [...]

Hashgraph, the New Algorithm to Realize Extremely Fast Transactions on Blockchain Without the Scaling Issues

The scaling issues on Bitcoin and Ethereum are not exactly a secret. The way that these networks’ transaction speeds have been affected and how high [...]


Lightning Labs deploys beta mainnet ready Lightning Network

The year of 2018 just might be the year of the Lightning Network. The long awaited Lightning Network has been talked about for a while [...]

Paul Vigna Speaks on the Truth Machine and how to understand cryptocurrencies

Paul Vigna, a renowned reporter for the Wall Street Journal who is considered an authority on cryptocurrencies, appeared on TechCrunch’s podcast, TechnoTopia, to talk about [...]

Congressional Hearing on Cryptocurrency

The Congressional Finance Services Committee conducted a hearing this Wednesday, March 14, on the topic of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs). The hearing included [...]

According to South Carolina, Cloud Mining Contracts Are Considered As Securities

After the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s repeated insistence to consider initial coin offerings (ICOs) as securities, the Attorney General of South Carolina seemingly has [...]

Elon Musk Spotted Reading a Book About Cryptocurrencies

Some names, like Oprah, really need no introduction. However, it is not just television celebrities and entrepreneurs that hold that distinction, but brilliant minded inventors [...]

Thai Bank to Add Pound and Euro for Ripple Remittances

With Ripple’s remittance platform making waves all over the world, more and more banks are adopting it.  One of Thailand’s most popular banking establishments, the [...]

South Korea May Remove Ban from ICOs

The country of South Korea and its cryptocurrency movements have been rather helter skelter since the last quarter of last year, especially as we drew [...]

Brazilian Cryptocurrency Exchange Foxbit Loses 30 Bitcoin to a Bug

It is not a new thing in the world of finance, whether conventional or the digital one of cryptocurrencies, for companies to notice loopholes that [...]

  • IOTA Partnership

Most Notable IOTA Partnerships You Should Be Aware Of Before Investing!

IOTA is an ambitious project aiming to connect the world of electronic devices knows as the internet of things (IoT). "The backbone of IOT is [...]

The Dutch Finance Minister Shared His Two Cents on Cryptocurrencies

The Dutch Finance Minister, Wopke Hoekstra, very recently wrote a very detailed letter to the parliament, government of Netherlands, on the topic of cryptocurrency regulations. The [...]

Cryptomatoes: Bitcoin Mining Heat Will Now Grow Edible Vegetable and Fruits

After the utilization of Bitcoin by charitable operations such as the Pineapple Fund, the people and companies associated with the community are looking towards corporate [...]

Thomson Reuters Is Leveraging AI to Know How People Feel About Bitcoin

The world of cryptocurrencies is certainly more advanced than its conventional counterparts. Whether it comes to processing transactions, executing paperless contractual agreements, or just defining [...]

  • Lightning network developments, lightning network issues

Lightning Network Mainnet Now Has More Than 1000 Nodes in the of Wake of Microsoft’s Supporting Comments

When a Microsoft official mentioned that Layer 2 scaling solutions that use off-chain scaling and transaction methods are superior to those solutions which claim to [...]

  • bitcoin min9ing in china

EU Says Bitcoin Mining Is Completely Legal

When it comes to fighting the law, the law usually wins.  This has been proven with the various calls for regulation in regards to the [...]

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Advises Central Banks to Be Careful While Thinking of Following Cryptocurrencies

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) suggested central banks around the world to be vigilant before going ahead with issuing any cryptocurrency of their own, [...]

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Gemini Founders Allude Towards Supporting More Cryptocurrencies

With the current nature of the cryptocurrency market after the statement of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the effects that it has [...]

Plattsburgh New York Wants to Ban Bitcoin Mining

The city of Plattsburgh, New York, with its population of around 20,000 as of 2016, is a peaceful location that offers new opportunities with old [...]

Investors: Beware of Fake Telegram ICO Websites

The Telegram initial coin offering (ICO) is inspiring several bad actors to leverage  its popularity by setting up fake sites to con naive investors. It [...]

  • binance coin announce own blockchain binance latest news

Binance Announce The Official Launch For The Development of The Binance Chain – Binance Latest News

Launched in July 2017, Binance is already the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange. They've changed the game for cryptocurrency exchanges, and have just announced an even [...]

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Bitcoin Is Continuing Its Downward Trend to Hit Its One Month Low, But It Can Go Up Again In Value

The statement which the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued last week on cryptocurrency exchanges showed just how a single indication of regulations can [...]

Banks Walk Away from Prasos, a Cryptocurrency Exchange in Finland

Banks Walk Away from Finnish Cryptocurrency Exchanges The growing talks to regulate cryptocurrency and related institutions have started showing tangible effects as of late, and [...]

  • how to buy bitcoin

Best Ways to Get Free Bitcoins – Genuine Ways To Earn Bitcoin For Free

You don't have to invest your hard earned money to own Bitcoin. There are a number of ways to get free Bitcoins and earn Bitcoin [...]

  • facts about bitcoin you need to know

Facts About Bitcoin You Need To Know

Bitcoin has only been around a short amount of time after being created back in 2009, a lot of people are still confused by the [...]

  • Thailand

Thailand to Effectively Regulate Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

Thailand is the latest country to join the ones that are imposing regulations on cryptocurrencies, local news reports. Countries as of late that are placing [...]

  • Russian cryptocurrency regulations

Russia Could Adopt Friendlier Regulations for Cryptocurrency Trading

It had been reported earlier by Russia’s Parliament Newspaper that talks are in place to discuss draft bills for cryptocurrency regulations in Russia, which are [...]

  • ETH.TOWN airdrop cryptocurrency game

Think Twice Before You Act While Trading Cryptocurrencies

It is a well-known and widely established fact that when it comes to taking business decisions, you should always leave your emotions at the door. [...]

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This Innovative Advertising Solution Aims To Tidy Up The Messy Online Ad World

Advertising. The mechanism that runs the web, at least, the mechanism that powers many an internet company, ranging from individual blogs and websites to powerhouses [...]

  • Bitcoin transaction backlog mempool

Bitcoin Dropped to $8,300, Creates Uncertainty in Traders Amidst Mt. Gox Sell Off

It seems that this past week spelled nothing but trouble for Bitcoin, different events shook the market with happenings such as the SEC statement and [...]

Young Romanians Prefer Paying in Cryptocurrencies

Over the past few years, Romania has slowly established itself as a country that embraces technology wholeheartedly. With its growing presence in the online staffing [...]

Sierra Leone Presidential Election Powered By Blockchain Voting

Sierra Leone is a relatively unknown territory when it comes to blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies, but it recently made its name known in the sector [...]

Stellar Partnership with OkCupid Founder’s Project, Keybase

Following the trend of forming partnerships, a phenomenon that seems as if it will be a bedrock of the cryptocurrency industry, Stellar just announced that [...]

  • Fusion blockchain to blockchain transactions

Facilitating Transactions Across Blockchains – Trade-able Risk Free Smart Contracts!

2017 will be remembered by many as the year that cryptocurrencies finally broached the mainstream consciousness. Although Bitcoin was first introduced to the world in [...]

  • bitcoin drop in value ethereum drop in value litecoin drop in value

SEC Statement sees a Bitcoin drop in value

The recent statement from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has sent the cryptocurrency industry into a state of panic, and that has transcended [...]

  • Ripple update Ripple cryptocurrency

Ripple Powered Payment App to facilitate Transactions for Banks in Japan

Ripple, the blockchain based payment solutions provider which also has its own cryptocurrency, has lately been on a streak with its corporate partnerships all over [...]

  • Russian cryptocurrency regulations

Putin Hints for Russian Cryptocurrency Regulations to Take Effect from July 1

The growing need to regulate cryptocurrencies has been causing more and more countries to share their opinion on the situation. Russia, for one, has not [...]

  • coinbase index fund

Coinbase Index Fund Will Be the Dow for Cryptocurrencies

Coinbase is acting swiftly, taking strategic actions that will grow its brand and larger presence in the marketplace. The widely adopted cryptocurrency exchange and wallet [...]

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