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  • Pras Michel

The Fugees Co-Founder, Pras Michels May Be Satoshi Nakamoto

Pras Michel's, famously known as a co-founder of the fugees. Has recently switched the music industry for the technology industry with new blockchain startup known [...]

  • what is QuarkChain

The Search For The Next Bitcoin Ends Here… QuarkChain

Bitcoin was first designed as a decentralised, permission-less,   peer-to-peer transactional system which has since took the world by storm. Before anyone discovered the true potential [...]

  • bitGuru investment fund

bitGuru Investment Fund

The bitGuru investment fund is here... Cryptocurrency is an extremely exciting prospect, for many reasons: Investors, companies, businesses, governments and many more will inevitably benefit [...]

  • Crypterium

Trading Fiat for Crypto: Crypterium Appoint Former Head of Visa as CEO

The former head of Visa, Marc O'Brien, who spent 6 years working for Visa UK & Ireland has trade the world of fiat payments for [...]

  • NEO & Ontology Partneship

NEOLOGY!!! NEO & Ontology Partnership

NEO is beginning to feature in the news a lot throughout 2018. After an incredible year for NEO in 2017, we are beginning to see [...]

  • Binance price What is binance chain release date? when can we expect to see binance chain

Binance Price Soars 30% To Account For The Binance Coin Burn In April

Since their launch on 14th July 2017, Binance has grown into one of, if not the fastest ever growing company on earth. In an effort [...]

  • ddd

3 Of The Best Cryptocurrencies To Be HODLing in 2018

New cryptocurrencies are hitting the markets every day, and working out which ones to buy and hold is becoming even more challenging. There are so [...]

  • JP Morgan

JP Morgan Hire New Head Of Crypto Assets Strategy

JP Morgan Chase have taken other big step into the world of cryptocurrencies. The leading US banking group and financial services firm have recently created a new position [...]

  • Goldman Circle dollar pegged crypto

Goldman Sach’s Backed Circle Raises $110 Million To Create Dollar Pegged Cryptocurrency!

The new crypto payment start up Circle recently announced they raised $110 Million to fund the creation of a new dollar pegged cryptocurrency. United States Dollar [...]

One in Five Financial Organisations Now Considering Cryptocurrency Trading

After cryptocurrency prices skyrockets last year, it's no wonder one in five financial organisations are considering cryptocurrency trading within the next 12 months. The demand [...]

  • Surprising Bitcoin Facts You Need To Know

10 Surprising Bitcoin Facts You Need To Know

In this article, we're going to dig into some surprising Bitcoin facts you need to know. The world's most popular digital currency (for now) is [...]

  • Why has the EOS price increased so much

EOS Vs Ethereum – Which is Better, EOS Or Ethereum?

The EOS Vs Ethereum debate. The last week of April saw an unexpected selloff in the cryptocurrency markets but EOS has largely escaped unscathed. EOS [...]

  • December 13th Is Officially The Best Day To Own Bitcoin - Bitcoin Price Analaysis

December 13th Is Officially The Best Day To Own Bitcoin – Bitcoin Price Analysis

Its Official... December 13th is officially the best day to own Bitcoin. You are probably wondering why we have made this claim and how [...]

  • ibin

The Blockchain Version Of The International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) – International Blockshare Identification Number (IBIN)

The blockchain ecosystem is continually adapting and changing to accommodate self regulatory practices. All parties involved are trying to build a fair, well working environment [...]

  • Switcheo Exchange v2.0

Switcheo Announce Switcheo Exchange v2.0

If you have been following us over the last few months you will know we have reported about a brand new decentralised exchange which launched [...]

  • facts about bitcoin you need to know

Bitcoin Price – High’s and Low’s Every Year Since 2009!

Bitcoin price in 2009 Even though Bitcoin was created in 2009, there were no exchanges trading it at that time. That means that technically [...]

  • Chinese Government-Backed Data Consortium Partners with NEP5 Blockchain Platform APEX

Chinese Government-Backed Data Consortium Partners with NEP5 Blockchain Platform APEX

In what could turn out to be one of the biggest developments this year so far, Apex the Chinese based blockchain platform, have announced a [...]

  • Bitcoin Quotes

Bitcoin Quotes From Famous People

Bitcoin is quite probably the most revolutionary technology to be developed since the internet. Bitcoin is allowing people all over the world to transact free [...]

  • exchange

Major Banks Now Planning The Launch Of Cryptocurrency Exchanges In 2018

After cryptocurrencies shocked the world in 2017, most of them increasing hundreds of times in value and making investors serious amounts of money, everyone is now eagerly [...]

  • binance coin burn dates

Binance Made Almost 3 Times More Profit Than Twitter in Q1 2018!

If you weren't already aware, Binance is now the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange. They seemingly sprung up out of nowhere at the end of 2017 [...]

  • most profitable cryptocurrencies throughout April

Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies Throughout April

April is almost over but it will go down as a largely successful month for cryptocurrencies. In which the bear run of 2018 seemed [...]

  • top 5 most profitable nep5 tokens so far

Top 5 Most Profitable NEP5 Tokens So Far

Earlier on in the year we wrote about the rise of NEP5 tokens, as more NEP5 tokens are launching there is a greater than ever [...]

  • money transfer services vs bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Sending Bitcoin Is Cheaper & Safer Than Any Traditional Money Transfer Service

Though Bitcoin fees are by no means the lowest in the crypto world, the cost of transacting through the Bitcoin network is still worlds away [...]

  • cryptocurrency mining chips

Cryptocurrency Mining Chips Sees Record Profits For Samsung and AMD

Demand for cryptocurrency mining chips has been surging and both Samsung and AMD are seeing healthy returns in their balance sheets as a result. AMD [...]

  • Bitcoin bull run on the horizon bitcoin price

Next Bitcoin Bull Run On The Horizon

After the first positive signs in 2018 for the Bitcoin price after it surged above $9,000 for the fourth time during the April bull run. [...]

  • champers bitcoin 17 millionth mined

The 17 Millionth Bitcoin Has Just Been Mined!

26th April 2018, the day the 17 Millionth Bitcoin was mined. One of the main reasons the value of Bitcoin is so high is the [...]

  • CargoX project

CargoX Supported By European Manufacturing Giant, Gorenje

Having excellent supporting companies and partners is great, but being supported by one of the leading European manufacturers of household appliances with a 68-year history [...]

  • 16,000 bitcoin moved from mt. gox wallet

16,000 Bitcoin Moved From Mt. Gox Wallets

Nobuaki Kobayashi, the lawyer and trustee of the Mt Gox bitcoin exchange has sold bitcoin and bitcoin cash worth more than $400 million since September [...]

  • Why has the EOS price increased so much

Why Has The EOS Price Increased So Much?

After the recent cryptocurrency bull run, which saw the total cryptocurrency market cap soar back above $400 billion in an impressive rally. The market cap [...]

  • Delta cryptocurrency portfolio tracker

Delta: Bitcoin, ICO & Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

As a cryptocurrency investor you will more than likely use some sort of portfolio tracker app, and if you haven't already had a look then [...]

  • Changpeng Zhao being sued Binance

Binance CEO and Cryptocurrency Billionaire Being Sued

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance and cryptocurrency billionaire is being sued by Sequoia Capital. Binance has been in the news a lot lately for all [...]

  • Fujitsu showcase IOTA

Fujitsu Perform Live Demonstration Of IOTA At World’s Leading Trade Show For Industrial Technology!

Japan's leading Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Fujitsu have been working with IOTA for several months now. Recently though, Fujitsu demonstrated to the world how [...]

  • Binance Labs MobileCoin

Binance Labs Raises $30 Million For New Crypto Project

Binance have been very much in the news lately with the introduction of 'Convert to BNB' and the announcement of 'Binance Chain', well they are [...]

  • Convert to BNB what is dust

Binance Add ‘Convert To BNB’ Feature To Get Rid Of Your Dust

Binance, the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange have now added a feature in which users can now clear up any of their 'dust'. Binance was launched [...]

  • LCCX - London Cryptocurrency Exchange ICO Token Sale Review

Forget The London Stock Exchange, Say Hello To The London Cryptocurrency Exchange (LCCX)!

Hacking attempts are nothing new for the cryptocurrency industry, even when it comes to exchanges, the central entities that deal in these digital assets on [...]

  • Mortgages on the blockchain

Here’s How Blockchain Technology is Disrupting the Mortgage Industry (For the Better)

Solving Age-Old Pain Points in the Mortgage Industry with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) It seems like no matter where we turn, “blockchain technology” is all [...]

  • Goldman Sachs Bitcoin Goldman Sachs cryptocurrency Justin schmidt Goldman sachs cryptocurrency

Goldman Sachs Hire Cryptocurrency Trader, Justin Schmidt To Head Digital Assets Division

Goldman Sachs appear to be jumping on the Cryptocurrency bandwagon, despite previously denying that they’re delving into the digital assets industry. The Wall Street [...]

  • bitcoin adoption venezuela

Bitcoin Adoption At Record High’s In Venezuela

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is home to one of the worst hyperinflation crisis in the world ever. Inflation has been projected to reach [...]

  • Best cryptocurrency exchanges to use 2018

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin & Altcoins in 2018!

In the world of crypto, things are moving at blinding speeds and finding the best cryptocurrency exchange to buy Bitcoin and altcoins takes trail and error. [...]

  • Daniel Masters Cryptocurrency market will get much bigger

Former JP Morgan Banker Says Cryptocurrency Market Will Get Much Bigger

Daniel Masters, who previously led JP Morgan’s global energy trading desk, says cryptocurrencies are fueling a financial revolution. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Masters [...]

  • bitcoin price

Bitcoin Price Nearing $9,000, For The Fourth Time

The cryptocurrency world is seemingly positive again after a disaster start to 2018. The Bitcoin price has been gradually recovering over the last week [...]

  • what is switcheo?

What is Switcheo?

If you are a cryptocurrency investor, trader or are just looking to enter into the crypto markets', then you will know the struggles of searching [...]

  • best cryptocurrencies to invest in. Top cryptocurrency coins 2018

3 Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In – Top Cryptocurrency Coins 2018

2017 was an exciting year for the cryptocurrency market as a whole, the market cap was $17 billion on 1 January, 2017… It surged [...]

  • Switch v NEX: NEP5 DEX review

Switcheo v NEX – NEP5 DEX Review

This year has seen the rise of NEP5 tokens, with a number of exciting projects launching on the NEO blockchain. It is exciting times for [...]

Are Amazon Set To Follow Pornhub and Accept Cryptocurrency?

As the popularity of cryptocurrency increases, we're slowly seeing mass adoption take hold. Most recently, Pornhub partnered with Verge (XVG), as well as several other [...]

  • verge pornhub partnership insider trading

Verge Pornhub Partnership… Insider Trading?

You may be familiar with the Verge Pornhub partnership in which Pornhub announced they now accept Verge as a payment method. This has been [...]

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