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Online Bitcoin & Blockchain Training Courses by bitGuru

Online blockchain course

Our online courses are professionally designed to give an in depth explanation of the topic at hand. Each is individually assessed to ensure each student has fully understood and comprehended the information in the course. Our courses ensure that practical, on the job skills are learned and practised so that the skills learned can be used within your business right away.

An online course is the most efficient way of learning new skills. They save time, money and allow the learner to learn at their own pace, all with a dedicated online support network to answer and questions or concerns!

Available Courses:

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Merchant Course – £150

This course is suitable for business owners who have or are looking to accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for their goods and services. The course will train your employees or how to use cryptocurrency within your business in a safe and beneficial way.

Key learning points:

  • Day to day use of a cryptocurrency wallet
  • How to ensure a payment has been accepted
  • How to transfer crypto assets to and from wallets
  • How to check on the status of a transaction
  • Potential risks associated with cryptocurrency transactions and how to stay safe and prevent them.

Course Duration:

3 Hours, split into 3 1 hour lessons to be taken at the learners own pace.