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Ripple was released in 2012 with the intention of sending global payments of any size securely, instantly and at much lower costs. Also known as the Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP) they are specifically targeted at the financial industry, they have tailored their technology to fit in with a bank’s current infrastructure making it an extremely exciting prospect in the crypto world.

Ripple may eventually replace SWIFT, the current system in use across the banking industry. SWIFT payments can take 4-5 days to send in comparison to the Ripple Protocol which takes on average 3.5 seconds to send and can handle up to 1000 transactions every second.

Here you will find all the latest Ripple news and Ripple price news. Here at bitGuru we aim to keep you up to date with the most relevant cryptocurrency news, Ripple news and Ripple price news.

Latest Ripple News:

  • will coinbase list ripple

Ripple Coinbase Saga – Will Coinbase List Ripple XRP?

Towards the end of 2017, Ripple attempted to get listed on Coinbase , one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Ripple were not listed on Coinbase, at least not yet and there were a [...]

  • ripple santander partnership OnePay FX

Ripple Santander Partnership: Santanders OnePay FX App Live!

It is common knowledge within the cryptocurrency industry about the Ripple Santander partnership; well today the Santander Ripple partnership may well have taken another positive step in the right direction. Santander today officially released their cross [...]

Ripple Joins Hyperledger Consortium

Ripple just added another feather to its collaboration cap, and this partnership is not a meager one.   It was announced by Hyperledger that it is welcoming Ripple on board as a general partner. The [...]

Ripple Donates $29 Million USD To Schools Via DonorsChoose

The Ripple Donation Ripple continues its line of strategic moves to be a currency that is circulating in the speculative markets (exchanges) and in general society in various ways. The company recently announced its donation [...]

XRP Futures, Anyone? Bitcoin Futures to Get Rivaled by Ripple

December 10, 2017, was a very exciting day for the cryptocurrency community, maybe even more so for the rabid enthusiasts of Bitcoin. It was not the day when Bitcoin went past $20,000, but the one [...]

Thai Bank to Add Pound and Euro for Ripple Remittances

With Ripple’s remittance platform making waves all over the world, more and more banks are adopting it.  One of Thailand’s most popular banking establishments, the Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), recently announced that it will be [...]

  • Ripple update Ripple cryptocurrency

Ripple Powered Payment App to facilitate Transactions for Banks in Japan

Ripple, the blockchain based payment solutions provider which also has its own cryptocurrency, has lately been on a streak with its corporate partnerships all over the world, it continues to double down on its efforts [...]

Ripple Coinbase Listing Rumors – Will Coinbase List Ripple?

Two hot topics that are always surrounding Ripple is the rumors around its potential Coinbase listing and its support of regulations and centralization. Ripple Coinbase Listing Rumors There are rumors going around that Ripple’s token, [...]

Western Union and Cambridge Piloting Ripple Services

The sky is blue, the Earth is round, and Ripple has added more partners to its portfolio. Say that statement every week, and it seems that all three parts of it will hold true almost [...]

The Difference Between Bitcoin and Ripple

As far as publicity and buzz in the cryptocurrency community goes, the recent pace of Ripple’s alliances with major financial institutions all over the world has rejuvenated the company and its native token, XRP. From [...]

SBI Holdings Exchange Selects Ripple for First Trading Pair

While Bitcoin was busy establishing its name throughout the world by its increase in value, Ripple had been quietly working towards fame of its own, but with a different approach. Following Ripple’s efforts to form [...]

  • Ripple update Ripple cryptocurrency

The Partnership Ripple Made with Credit Agricole

Red Waves and Ripple The waves of red continue to occur within the cryptocurrency markets, and the causes and explanations for it seem to be varying. Some say the red is happening because of the [...]

  • ripple santander partnership OnePay FX

The Relationship Between Santander Group and Ripple Continues Growing

Ripple has been on a streak of forming alliances with major banks across the world, and its latest association involves none other than banking giant Santander Group. In a recent announcement made by the companies, [...]

  • Ripple update Ripple cryptocurrency

Ripple Update & The Year Ahead

What’s going on with Ripple? The pressing matter of how many companies are truly set to use Ripple is a concern that is on the minds of many who are watching the controversial cryptocurrency. Ripple [...]

Ripple Leads $25 Million Funding Round for a Startup

Ripple, the company behind the popular cryptocurrency of the same name, has established itself as a serious investor after leading the funding round of $25 million for a startup named Omni. What makes the news [...]

  • Ripple update Ripple cryptocurrency

Ripple Keeps Moving Forward, Bringing on Another Partner

Ripple continues to take actions that help it to get closer to their end goals of being a long-term profitable company focused on banks and the improvement of settlement. Many still have questions as to [...]

Brian Kelly, The CEO of a Cryptocurrency Investment Firm, Invests 3 Full Bitcoins into Ripple

He stated that he is going to buy “3 Bitcoins worth of Ripple”... and he did. In case you are wondering who we are referring to, it’s not Bitcoin Cash propagator Roger Ver; it’s not [...]

Ripple Has Made an Announcement on Their XRP Token

The team at Ripple firmly believes that they disrupt the current traditional system of money transfers. According to a tweet sent by the CEO of Ripple, it seems that other financial institutions believe that the [...]

  • coinbase index fund

Coinbase Clarifies When They Will Release New Assets, Ripple Decreases in Valuation

Coinbase Recent History There has been speculation on when Coinbase will be adding new assets. Ever since the Bitcoin Cash incident which triggered a series of events, not in favor of the cryptocurrency exchange. First, [...]

  • Ripple update Ripple cryptocurrency

The Reason Why Ripple Is Growing Significantly

Ripple currently has an excess of a $90 billion market valuation and has it’s coin sitting at 2.41$ at the time of this writing. So, what’s the deal with this cryptocurrency? What’s it all about? [...]

The Prices of Ripple Skyrocket, Increasing by 84 Percent

In what is being considered a positive and somewhat shocking improvement, Ripple’s prices surged by a record 84% in a single day. Reports from across the cryptocurrency industry have been nothing but positive about the [...]

Bloomberg Adds Three New Popular Altcoins to Their Terminals: Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple

Another day, another accomplishment. At least, this is what the case is for these altcoin cryptocurrencies. According to a recent tweet by Lily Katz, a journalist who works at Bloomberg, Ripple will be joining Ethereum [...]

  • Ripple update Ripple cryptocurrency

Ripple Update: News, Developments & Announcements: Standard Chartered, Axis, ZB.Com, Ron Will, Huobi

Ripple has been on fire lately, not necessarily in terms of price when compared to Bitcoin or others, but in terms of action. Many new developments, partnerships and updates have been announced recently. Since the [...]

  • Who is Ben Lawsky joins ripple Ben Lawsky Ripple

BitLicense Architect Ben Lawsky Joins Ripple Board

Ben Lawsky has served as a New York Superintendent of Financial Services who led the BitLicense regulatory framework while in office and has now joined the startup Ripple. He will serve on the board of [...]

  • Ripple update Ripple cryptocurrency

Ripple Making Waves: AMEX Deal And Ultra Secret US Bank Meeting

Ripple provides one friction-less experience to send money globally using the power of blockchain. By joining Ripple’s growing, global network, financial institutions can process their customers’ payments anywhere in the world instantly, reliably and cost-effectively. [...]



If you follow cryptocurrencies you more than likely know about Ripple, with the third largest market cap it is one of the most well known cryptocurrencies in the world. You may have noticed over the [...]

  • Ripple update Ripple cryptocurrency


Central banks around the world are slowly starting to recognise the potential of cryptocurrencies. Some feel threatened and are doing everything in their power to negate the threat, but some like the Bank Of England, [...]

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