It is common knowledge within the cryptocurrency industry about the Ripple Santander partnership; well today the Santander Ripple partnership may well have taken another positive step in the right direction.

Santander today officially released their cross border payment solution “OnePay FX” allowing for users to easily and seamlessly transfer dollars to the US and Euros to all nineteen European countries.

Transferring money abroad to people you know should be fast and clear. That’s why we’ve developed Santander OnePay FX for Santander customers, with a Santander debit card. With OnePay FX you can make regular international payments of up to £10,000 a day


There is no transaction fee but there may be incurred costs dependant on a few variables, users must also bank with Santander to be able to access the app.

We will not charge you a transaction fee for using OnePay FX. However, the payment may be subject to receiving bank fees if you send a payment in Euros or Dollars to an account which uses a different currency. If we introduce a transaction fee in the future, we’ll inform you of the fee before you complete the transaction.

There is no mention of the Ripple hyperledger or facilitating a cross border Ripple transaction for now but this may be a development we can expect to seed in the near future. However given the name of the app “OnePay FX” it does seem very in line with the overall aim of the Ripple project, and we may see a feature for sending and receiving Ripple on the app in the near future.