XRP Futures, Anyone? Bitcoin Futures to Get Rivaled by Ripple

December 10, 2017, was a very exciting day for the cryptocurrency community, maybe even more so for the rabid enthusiasts of Bitcoin.

It was not the day when Bitcoin went past $20,000, but the one where Bitcoin future contracts were launched by the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE).

The air of excitement that day among the Bitcoin community can only be described by those who saw it firsthand, and what a sight it was.

The move was followed by the launch of Bitcoin futures on the CME Group a week later, and it was done with just as much in a celebratory fashion as the CBOE debut.

However, while all of this was happening, there was another cryptocurrency which had been dealing in future contracts very quietly, without much media coverage, and without a strong a fan following.

It seems that the time has come for that to change.

XRP futures come out of hiding

The XRP futures, as mentioned above, started trading before the Bitcoin futures.

The futures with Ripple’s cryptocurrency started trading on October 9, 2016 by Crypto Facilities, a financial institution based in London, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Since it was a first of a kind product at the time, the institutions did not publicize the sort of pilot project that they were running with the futures, and so, only a handful of investors familiar with Crypto Facilities were able to invest in and benefit from this innovative financial solution.

However, as XRP rose in value, so did the success of these futures, and as of January 2018, the futures contracts being handled by Crypto Facilities went over $24 million in volume.

Cryptocurrency futures are a recipe for success ?

The fact remained that very few people were aware of the product as compared to how the world knew everything about anything that pertained to Bitcoin futures. Thus, the word slowly started to spread about these contracts.

Now, the demand has grown for cryptocurrency products, such as these, which are actually regulated by financial authorities. Most of all, they are sought after by traders who do not want to be held accountable in case the regulatory standing of actual cryptocurrency trading goes south.

Future contracts  provide just that: they let investors and traders delve into the world of cryptocurrency without actually having them make over the counter or online trades through a traditional cryptocurrency exchange.

Therefore, the officials at Crypto Facilities think that the time is ripe to break the silence about these Ripple XRP futures, as they are confident that with the derivatives that they offer, the XRP futures are very lucrative for the type of investors which the product was designed for.

The company now aims to not only actively talk about what it has to offer for the Ripple XRP futures, but partner with other institutions that plan to do the same in order to benefit in terms of market credibility.

In Short

XRP futures have been around for at least eighteen months now but have been mostly under the radar, only known by a small percentage of the crypto community.

What is so great about the xrp futures?

It provides more exposure for Ripple and allows for financial institutions and other whales to get into the market with much less risk by locking in prices for XRP. Some of them wouldn’t be participating otherwise because they believe there is too much risk, so XRP futures might be responsible for bringing a significant amount of money into the XRP ecosystem.

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