Over 2 Billion people now have access to the Amazon marketplace using the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin!

Purse.io is innovating the way to a digital money future by offering it’s users the ability to buy from Amazon with Bitcoin, a task previously very hard to do.

This is very exciting news for Bitcoin enthusiasts and investors because the more people using Bitcoin, the higher the price increases and awareness spreads. One day in the near future, cryptocurrencies will be the dominant mode of global financial exchange, and companies like Purse.io are bringing the future that little bit closer every day.

The app is available now on all platforms, including apps for Apple & Android devices, as well as a desktop or browser. Because Amazon don’t directly accept Bit-coin (yet), third party apps like Purse are vital for bringing cryptocurrencies to the mainstream.

How it works
Purse works by grouping together buyers and those with gift cards they no longer need. Doing this means customers can buy the items they need on Amazon at a discounted price, and people with gift cards effectively sell them for Bit-coin. It’s a win win for both parties, and Purse’s trusty escrow service ensures a smooth and secure transaction.

This method also helps keep users identities anonymous because no credit card or bank account details are required, simple a Bit-coin address and a gift card no longer needed.

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