This part contains news from projects on their cryptocurrency roadmap updates, changes on miscellaneous fronts, and plans for their future.

funfair revisits roadmap, promises to make frequent updates to it

Blockchain based online gaming and casino platform, FunFair, recently announced that it has updated and improved its roadmap to keep users posted with the latest developments on the project.

The platform mentioned that it aims to roll out the beta testing on its mainnet no later than June 2018.

Funfair also stated that its team will now keep updating the current roadmap as a “live document” so that followers of the project could know exactly what is happening with Funfair and how far along is it with its development.

That’s what we’ve got for this cryptocurrency roadmap updates so far. On to ark.

ark celebrates 1 year anniversary of mainnet, shares vision for the future

Ark, a blockchain platform which aims to be the bridge to connect all the blockchains of the world, recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the launch of its mainnet.

Since the occasion asked for reflection especially in terms of the lack of recent updates from the project, the Ark team mentioned that it is very much active on the project and is currently working on version 2 of its core network.

Even though it was not mentioned how soon the new release will roll out, it was stated that it would contain updated elements such as Ark smart contracts and Ark virtual machine, which would allow users on the platform to create their own agreements and related applications.

However, it was clarified by the company that it will not make the Ark virtual machine a part of its mainnet to avoid congestion and only blockchains that allow the implementation of Ark virtual machine could use the function.

That sums up this cryptocurrency roadmap updates, let’s move on to stellar and its cryptocurrency roadmap updates.

stellar to have its own rendition of the lightning network

Stellar, a blockchain platform that aims to provide faster peer-to-peer transactions through its cryptocurrency along with providing development solutions, recently announced that it will be implementing its own version of the Lightning Network.

The Lightning network is a layer 2 protocol on existing blockchains, most popularly used on the Bitcoin Core network, which allows off-chain transactions to take place through pre-funded channels.

Since the transactions do not happen on the main blockchain, they remain free of congestion and scalability and happen at faster speeds than they do on the blockchain.

The Stellar network team mentioned that it is planning to make the Lightning Network beta go live by October 2018 and have it available on Stellar livenet no later than December 2018.

With these developments, the Stellar network aims to prevent any scalability issues before they even take place on its blockchain so that it can continue providing uninterrupted and swift services to its users.

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