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Publish a crypto press release on bitGuru to increase the exposure of your project. We’ve run hundreds of press release campaigns and helped many blockchain based projects attract new users and investors.

Benefits of publishing your crypto press release on bitGuru:

  • Up to 263,000 monthly visitors
  • Appears on our home page for up to 8 weeks
  • All links are DOFOLLOW, the articles stay on the site forever and should
  • Shared on our social media channels including 2,100 Twitter followers, 3,000 Facebook Fans and shared across all relevant subreddits.
  • Automatically pushed to cryptocurrency news aggregators including and

Paying for your crypto press release

A Press Release costs $250 – Payable in either Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO or PayPal

You can also choose to Feature Your Press Release meaning it will be displayed at the top of our home page for $150 per week!

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Payments must be made before submitting the form below!

Use the form below to submit your press release for review. Please allow 24-48 hours for the press release to be published. We will send a link to the published article via the email address provided. 

Other Ways We Can Help

There are many ways we can help when it comes to marketing an ICO, existing cryptocurrency or blockchain project.

For more information about any of our promotion methods, please email us at

List your project on our ICO Calendar:

Our popular ICO calendar list page provides a great way to showcase your ICO to those looking for great projects to invest in. A general listing runs in date order from top to bottom, whereas a featured listing positions your project at the very top of the list so it’s the first project potential investors notice.

A listing on our ICO list contains your logo, landing page URL of your choice, a brief project description and the end date of the token sale. The listing will stay on bitGuru until the end of the token sale.

Banner advertising slots:

Top banner: Our top banner ad appears at the very top of every page on bitGuru meaning it’s the first thing every visitor sees on every single page.

Sticky footer banner: Our sticky footer banner appears at the bottom of every page on bitGuru and stays at the bottom even while scrolling.

News side bar: You can also sponsor a skyscraper banner slot on the side bar of our news page. This appears on the right of every single article published on bitGuru.

Home page news feed: Finally, you can sponsor a an spot on the home page which is integrated in amongst the ‘Recent bitGuru news’ feed thumbnails.

If you’re interested in any of the above advertising services, please send us an email to

Don’t forget to submit your press release!