Top 5 NEO Community Developments To Look Out For In Q4 2018

By |2018-09-27T11:05:22+01:00September 25th, 2018|NEO News|

NEO has has a stellar year throughout 2018 in terms of development of the NEO ecosystem. Despite the price falling sharply along with the rest of the cryptocurrency market, the future looks very positive for NEO. As we approach the final quarter of 2018 there are still a number of very exciting developments due to [...]

The Multiple Use Cases Of Neo Name Service’s NNC Token

By |2018-09-10T10:53:49+01:00September 10th, 2018|NEO News|

Neo Name Service (NNS) is  a decentralised domain name service which will run on the NEO blockchain. In short Neo Name Service will allow users to assign a .neo domain as an alias for their public key. So rather than having a long complicated public key users can send and receive funds to an easy [...]

Progress Report – How Far Along Is the NEO Project NNS?

By |2018-08-17T16:33:46+01:00August 17th, 2018|NEO News|

Those following the NEO space would be familiar to the name of NNS by now. An ambitious project that in its simplest explanation wants to be the “” or “” of the blockchain world, the address shortener platform is being sought after by many due to the capabilities that it promises to its potential users. The project [...]